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First and Limited Edition LongLocks HairSticks and
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111. Birthstones, Anniversary Gems, Zodiac Gemstones and Their Lore
The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones, Anniversary Gems, Zodiac Gemstones and Their Lore provides a complete list and the lore and legends of these gems
URL: - 64KB - 14 Feb 2015
112. Rapunzel's Blush Extra Long RapunzelStix Hair Pins by LongLocks HairSticks
Rapunzel's Blush Extra Long LongLocks RapunzelStix hair sticks, exquisite hair pins designed exclusively for the fortunate woman with incredibly long or extraordinarily thick hair
URL: - 22KB - 14 Jun 2014
113. Ultimate Guide to Growing Long Hair
Award winning guide teaches how to grow beautiful healthy long hair
URL: - 55KB - 21 Dec 2015
114. Soft Lace GlitterStix Hair Sticks: Art Glass Hair Jewelry by LongLocks HairSticks
Soft Lace art glass LongLocks GlitterStix hair sticks, exquisite upscale hair jewelry with a spectacular hand applied glittering finish
URL: - 21KB - 22 Oct 2014
115. LongLocks HairSticks Boutique Press Release: August 28, 2001
Media press release for the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique, featuring upscale art glass hair sticks by jewelry artist Susan Maxwell Schmidt
URL: - 21KB - 26 Aug 2014
116. Meadow Mint DragonStix Hair Sticks: Crystal Flower Hair Jewelry by LongLocks HairSticks
Meadow Mint LongLocks DragonStix hair sticks, exquisite art glass hair jewelry hand finished in jewel tones and a textured pattern reminiscent of dragon scales.
URL: - 21KB - 29 Oct 2014
117. Using Hair Sticks: How to Style Updos and Other Hairstyles With LongLocks HairSticks
The Ultimate Guide to Using Hair Sticks offers free step-by-step instructions to style half down and updo hairstyles using hairsticks
URL: - 27KB - 05 Feb 2015
118. Removing Knots From Hair: How to Safely Remove and Avoid Tangles
The Ultimate Guide to Removing Knots, free step-by-step instructions to salvage hair from a mass of knots, remove tangles and prevent knotting.
URL: - 43KB - 05 Feb 2015
119. The Ultimate Guide to Safely Curling Hair Without Damage
The Ultimate Guide to Curling Hair provides free tutorial of step-by-step instructions for curling hair without damage
URL: - 67KB - 06 Feb 2015
120. The LongLocks Beads, Gems and Precious Metals Jewelry Glossary
The beads, gems and precious metal findings glossary describes the components used to create LongLocks HairSticks hair jewelry designs
URL: - 70KB - 14 Feb 2015

Documents 111-120 of 210 displayed.

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