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Posting pictures (Read 3311 times)
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Posting pictures
Nov 11th, 2004 at 2:10am
We looooooove to see pictures of your hair.  

To display a picture of your hair (or whatever you are sharing with us), the picture will need to be stored somewhere on the internet.  LongLocks does not have a means for you to upload your pictures.

The picture on the internet must have public access and have a recognized image file extension such as .jpg.

There are several free sites that will host your pictures so that you can access them to show to others.  Another method is using "tinypic".  They will host your picture and give you a short URL for the location.  You can find them at www.tinypic.com.

To have the picture displayed, you will put the URL for the picture between the image tags.  When entering your message, you can click on the button that is in the 2nd row, fourth from the left - it looks like a photo of a landscape.  Whne that button is clicked, it will put the opening and closing image tags in your message.  A tag is surrounded by the square brackets []. The text would then look something like this (spaces have been added so that it can be viewed here):  [ img ]http://www.your_image_location.jpg [ /img ].

You can use the preview button to verify that you have entered everything correctly and it can be viewed.

Please - no provocative or nude pictures.  We are interested in seeing your hair.  Any photos that are deemed inappropriate for the viewing audience here will be removed.

Hope this helps!
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