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Message started by bikerbraid on May 3rd, 2008 at 11:24am

Title: Black Hair
Post by bikerbraid on May 3rd, 2008 at 11:24am
I frequently recieve emails from people asking for help.  I thought it would be great if we all pitched in to provide answers.  Here is the latest request I received.

Well I"m black but my hair isn't really
kinky. Its more frizzy with curls and if
I use mousse the curls stay in . After I
wash it it is in spiral curls. But I'm
not biracial.

MY question is currently my hair is mid
way down my back. But I straighten it
often and it tends to break..a lot. What
can I do to make my hair
softer/straighter and longer.

Currently once every few weeks I drench
it with olive oil(cooking oil) overnight
and wash it out the next morning. I also
daily oil it with an olive oil hair
spray. Are there any better oils to use?

What more can I do to make it
longer,softer and most of all starighter
would you recommend combing it in the
shower? When I do that it tends to frizz
like crazy. But I ususally don't use a
wide toothed comb.

Currently I straighten it and once a
week I have to pull it back very tightly
in a bun for cadets. And I have somewhat
no choice.

How long will it take for my hair to
grow..lets say as long as yours? What
will I have to do?

I have low iron almost anemic!

Also have a question about lemon juice,
I heard it can lighten your hair if you
sit in the sun. Is this true and is it

Title: Re: Black Hair
Post by bikerbraid on May 3rd, 2008 at 11:36am
My my - lots of questions!!  Let's see if we can help answer a few.

First, chemical straightening or the use of heat to straighten hair will damamge it.  Chemical processes open the hair cuticle which weakens it.  Heat removes the moisture which leaves it brittle.  Both can/will cause breakage.  You can try to minimize the damage by moisturizing and deep conditioning your hair ALOT.  The olive oil is a good treatment for your type of hair.  Keep doing that.

I don't have any suggestions for straightening your hair, but maybe someone else here can help you more on that topic.  

If you must comb your hair when wet or in the shower, I highly recommend using a wide toothed comb.  Make sure the comb does not have any ridges on it that might scrape and damage your hair more.  Most commercial combs have a "seam" on each tooth.  This seam can do serious damage to hair.  You can use an emery board/cloth to sand that ridge down, or look to purchase a comb that does not have the ridges.

To reduce frizzies you should minimize the amount of combing/brushing you do to your hair.  There are products out there that can also help reduce the frizzies.  One of our curly headed experts will probably fill you in on what works for them.  

Hair usually grows at an average of 1/2 inch per month.  Growing long hair takes a lot of patience and care of the hair.  Good health is also important for hair growth.  If you are anemic, you should work on changing that.  Take your vitamins, eat healthy foods.  Your hair is an indicator of your overal health.  A healthy body will result in healthy hair.

Lemon juice can lighten your hair, but it also dries the hair out.  If you do use it, be sure to condition/moisturize to prevent more breakage.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.  Feel free to ask more!

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