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Message started by ellasongbird on Apr 25th, 2005 at 6:11pm

Title: the impossible made possible?
Post by ellasongbird on Apr 25th, 2005 at 6:11pm
Any finehairs out there who also have THIN hair find that your hair starts to seem a bit thicker once you start treating it carefully?

Because my hair was already so thin I would always pull it and wind it really tightly whenever I needed to wear it up...ballet, marching band, anything. Sometimes I'm amazed that I didn't end up bald with all the stress I put on my hair. Every time I took my hair DOWN again I would end up tearing hair because I had to twist things into it so tightly to make it stay in the first place. Eventually I would wrap two ponytail holders around my hair, winding each one five or six times, and then two scrunchies, winding each one two or three times. I pulled the ponytail so tightly it hurt. And still it would slip. When I think of how little hair I must have had at that point I shudder. In ten years the only time I "saw the light" was when I abolished rubberbands in my hair forever and switched to cloth ponytail holders despite the fact that they didn't hold as well.

Even once I cut it shorter it was still ponytail length and I continued to do this to my hair until I got to college and cut it so short I couldn't put it up anymore. Now, for the last two years, I haven't worn it up once because it has never been long enough. By the time I permed it it was already looking thicker (and this KILLS me when I think about it)...and after I chopped the perm off and started over suddenly I kept squinting in the mirror, wondering if I was imagining things or if I suddenly seemed to have more hair.

My dad is bald and my mom has thinning hair, and since I already started out with thin hair, I had pretty much convinced myself I was always going to be pitifully lacking in the hair volume department. But I swear it looks and feels thicker suddenly. No more yanking at it with a brush, pulling it into insanely tight updos or tearing it when I try to get it OUT of the updos...and I think the "prematurely thinning hair" look is starting to go away.

Might I end up with a more normal volume of hair one of these days?



Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by PreciousLocks on Apr 25th, 2005 at 11:07pm
You just might ;)
Not breaking off all those hairs must be helping tremendously.  
Congratulations ;D

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by Galadriel on Apr 26th, 2005 at 3:56am
My hair isn't thin, but neverthless, after I started to treat my hair well (no brushing, no piling it on top of the head in the shower, night braiding etc.) my shedding decreased a lot. I used to get my brush full of hair every morning, but now there's only few hairs in my comb (except when I have shedding season). I hope that in time, this will make my hair thicker.  ;D

Another thing is, that in my country, my hair is already considered thick, though it's only ii. Most people have thin hair, and I have to say, that also well cared for thin hair looks good when it's long. So even if you won't gain as much thickness as you wish, your hair will still probably look great when it grows. :)

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by Babyfine on Apr 26th, 2005 at 1:52pm
I think I say THINK my hair is starting to come in a little thicker at the root.  I stare at my hairline and say "Am I imagining more hair?"  My dh said he thought it might be looking thicker at the root(not the ends).  I switch my hairstyles around a lot so as not to put stress on my scalp.  I don't wear ponytails as much instead I twist my hair up in a french twist and try to leave the scalp hair loose or "poofy"  Looks better on me that way, too.  If I can feel a style pulling on my scalp hairs, I don't wear it that way.  Some people on the boards say they sleep with a high ponytaill, I've been afraid to do that for fear that it will pull out hairs and put stress on my scalp.
I use to love high ponytails, especially in the summertime, but I wear them less frequently now.  My hair is long enough now (nearly BSL) that I don't wear it down much either, to protect the ends.

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by ellasongbird on Apr 27th, 2005 at 10:48am
Wow. Can you actually get your hair to HOLD in loose styles like that? Because I don't want to leave it down all the time and leave the ends vulnerable, either, when it gets longer.

But my hair is fine, thin, straight, and oily. All four together. And flyaway when I try to leave it poofy near the scalp. When you're trying to create updos, that's like the kiss of death. How do you get it to stay? ???

Granted, these problems are getting a little better, but I still foresee some difficulty finding good styles.


Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by Babyfine on Apr 27th, 2005 at 3:17pm
My hair is uber-fine- but it probably is not as slippery as yours because:  Its colour treated all but about 2inches of roots and its slighty wavy.  It is kinda porous.  When my hair is completly "virgin" its very slippery and everything falls out of it. It's been many years since that.  Here's how I do my hair now:  My hair is about 1" from BSL when wet and all one length, bangs are chin length.  I wear a lot of half up styles.  Barrettes slide out of my hair so I use mini claw clips, taking a few sections of the front, twisting them and poofing them forward to give some volume and clipping- they seem to hold well.  Or I will take one larger plastic claw clip and pull up the sides and twist- leaving a little poof in front and clip.    For  French twist I grab all my hair like I was making a ponytail, twist, fold over and secure with a claw clip or birds beak type clip  I slide the twist up before I secure it so there's a little poof in front.  Its very hard to explain without pictures.  The claw clip holds better than the bird style clip, that tends to slide out of my hair after awhile.  Lastly, I like high or low pony tails with soft scrunchies I try to leave enough slack in the pony tail so it's not pulling on my scalp.  
It sounds like you have layers, but if you have long enough hair in the back, you could do like a peacock twist,, where you gather your hair like a ponytail twist up and stick in a claw clip with the ends fanning out.  You might have to secure your sides with bobby pins or clips.  I used a lot of those when my hair was shoulder length. My bangs are aggravating, I usually pin them back. Hope that helps!

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by ellasongbird on Apr 27th, 2005 at 4:14pm
My hair is still too short for updos anyway, to answer your question. The longest layer is barely past my shoulders. I'm at the "clip stage" now. But you just got me thinking because I know leaving hair down all the time can leave it vulnerable but I was never able to get my hair up without practically wringing the life out of it with tight stretchy bands.

It's getting less oily, at least...I'm actually doing a CO wash every other day and shampooing on the days in between. But it will remain fine, thin, and straight forever, I think.


Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by Galadriel on Apr 28th, 2005 at 4:18am
One idea, though it is a bit difficult and requires practice.

Learn to French braid, but instead of one braid, try making two. You need less hair to do two little French braids, than you would need for just one.

I'm sure there's something you can do. Trust me. I have worn my hair up since when it was a little above shoulder length. ;)

When your hair grows a bit, you might want to consider hairsticks that are twisted in some way. I can't praise enough Rapunzel's SpiralStix , but there are also other good-looking (and cheaper) variations available, like Mamacat, Ketylo and Fox. I haven't tried those, because I believe that besides those spirals, my hair needs the enameled surface- it seems to give a bit extra hold and when my hair wants to be slippery, I need all the extra hold I can get.

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by ellasongbird on Apr 28th, 2005 at 4:12pm
Enameled surface?

What's that about and why does it make a difference?


I remember people doing two little french braids in my hair once when it was a little past shoulder length my senior year in high school. It was cute but I knew I could NOT do that myself.

But people say it's possible to learn!  *ponders*


Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by Galadriel on Apr 28th, 2005 at 4:49pm
Yes, it is possible to learn. Even I learned it!  ;D For some people it takes a bit more practice, but everyone says that it's easier to learn to do fancy braids while your hair is still shorter.

Enameled surface is, of course, very smooth. But it's not slippery-smooth like plain polished wooden hairsticks. When I have very clean hair day, I can't wear my plain wooden hairsticks at all- they start sliding into my hair until only the beads keep them from dropping through the bun. Looks silly and feels uncomfortable. Enameled hairsticks stay better, and I can wear SpiralStix even in my most slippery hair days. Another good style for slippery hair is FuturiStix- their surface is carved so that it gives a bit more hold than other styles.

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by ellasongbird on Apr 28th, 2005 at 6:19pm
Is there some sort of technique to it?

Or do you just start braiding and figure it out as you go?



Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by bikerbraid on Apr 28th, 2005 at 9:24pm
Learning to braid just takes practice, practice, practice.  It is easier to learn when your hair is "shorter" - I think just below shoulder to mid-back is a good time to start perfecting your braiding skills.  By the time you hit waist, a whole new set of "issues" develop (the ends tangle more and rebraid themselves as well as just having so much hair to deal with).

Title: Re: the impossible made possible?
Post by Galadriel on Apr 29th, 2005 at 4:48am
When I first decided that I wanted to learn to braid, I first checked braiding instructions from Dreamweaverbraiding.com (though I don't think that I really follow those instructions anymore). Just to get the general idea of what I was trying to do. Then I just started braiding (and discovered that there are quite a few little tricks that the instructions didn't mention... ::) ). One important thing is, that though its ok to check final result from mirror, looking to the mirror while you're braiding is only confusing. But, I started to make my first French braids as night braid. They worked as such though they were uneven at first, and in short time I gained quite a lot of experience. :)

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