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Message started by Jerry on Sep 25th, 2007 at 9:45pm

Title: Walmart Optical
Post by Jerry on Sep 25th, 2007 at 9:45pm
My wife and I went to Walmart so that my wife could get an eye examination and the two ladies who work with the eye doctor both have long hair 8-)

One is blonde and the other has dark brown/light black hair and both are about waist length.  I have seen the dark brown/light black lady before because she worked in other departments but the blonde must be fairly new.  They are both nice firendly ladies, especially the dark haired lady 8-)

And, as we figured my wife neeeds to get glasses for near sightedness :(


Title: Re: Walmart Optical
Post by bikerbraid on Sep 26th, 2007 at 7:27am
Lucky you - two sightings at the same time!  :D

Sorry your wife will be needing glasses.  I've worn glasses since I was 18 and feel odd when I don't have them on (which is very infrequent).  I'm sure she will adjust to them quickly (being able to see better is a strong incentive!).  

Title: Re: Walmart Optical
Post by Jerry on Sep 29th, 2007 at 8:52am
I usually see at least one or two ladies with long hair in Walmart but that time I could stare at it and not make it so obvious ::)

The dark haired lady is very nice and I have briefly talked to her when she used to work in customer service 8-)

We had to go back a few days later because the company which makes the photo gray screwed up and they can not fill new prescriptions until sometime in November >:(
So, Barb has to use cheap lenses until then so we are just going to try to find some cheap clip ons that she can use until November.

I have worn glasses since fifth grade but I did not feel old until I had to get bi-focals a little over a year and a half ago ::)


Title: Re: Walmart Optical
Post by La Diosa on Jun 28th, 2008 at 2:51am
My most awesome hair sighting ever, was just recently at Walmart as well.

There was a lady at the other end of the isle, her back was turned to me. Her hair was blonde and alll the way down to her ankles (well it was very close to her ankles and it looked freshly trimmed).  I'd never seen hair that long in person so I was mesmerized.  It looked really great and healthy, which isn't something that I would've expected with blonde hair... unless of course it's natural.

Most of my long hair sightings are at grocery stores or Walmart and I believe I even saw a few at Home Depot.  

I'm pretty convinced that it's a southern thing.  Although, none of my immediate neighbors have long hair. :-?  Actually, I don't think that any of my female neighbors have hair longer than shoulder length.  In fact, a lot of men that live around here are bald.    

Title: Re: Walmart Optical
Post by Angel Spun on Jun 28th, 2008 at 1:55pm

I'm pretty convinced that it's a southern thing.

Nope. San Diego Wal*Marts are swarming with long haired ladies as well. But you'll find longhairs at most any Wal*Mart, I'm sure.

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