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Message started by bikerbraid on Dec 29th, 2008 at 9:07am

Title: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by bikerbraid on Dec 29th, 2008 at 9:07am

by Jennifer Adler, M.S., C.N
Just like a glowing complexion, the strength, resilience and shine of hair and nails begins with good nutrition.  Many common foods can help protect your hair and nails against the damage caused by sun exposure and environmental pollutants - whild benefiting your overal health and saving you money on body care products.  Here's a grocery list for gorgeous hair and nails.

the poser of portein
Our hair and fingernails are made of 98% protein!  So, in order to have the building blocks for strong hair and nails, we need plenty of protein in our diet.  Protein is made up of amino acids, which are required for the growth and maintenance of our body tissues.  In addition to hair and nails, it is a primary component of our muscles, eyes and internal organs, especially the heart muscles and brain.

Protien also helps the body maintain a healthy immune system and can help us sustain our energy throughout the day.  Our bodies use it to produce important hormones such as insulin and to transport nutrients in the blood stream.  Some examples of strong protein sources included eggs, meat, poultry, fish and legumes.  Eggs are considered to be the "perfect protein" because they are thought to have the most balanced amino acid ratio.

Magnificent minerals
A wise woman once told me that every gray hair represents a day with too few minerals.  It's not quite so simple.  The color of our hair is produced by special cells that gradually die as we age.  But it is true that hair is loaded with minerals - and including more minerals in your diet may help those color cells live longer.  Getting enough minerals like zinc, silicon, selenium, copper and iodine from the foods you eat can help maintain vibrantly colored hair that grows quickly and is strong.  One way to tell that a food is mineral-rich is its deep, dark color: think beets and green, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach.

Remember your ABC's
Vitamins A, B and C can all promote hair and nail growth while also helping to maintain hair color.  So make sure you're getting them in your diet in the form of meat, nuts, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fat is your friend
Have you noticed how some pople's hair and nails have a glossy sheen?  This could be because they're getting enough healthy fats in their diet.  Among their many other benefits, essential fatty acids have been shown to be a key factor in hair and nail health.  Cold-water fatty fish like salmon and tuna are great sources.

Water, water everywhere
Do you want your hair to be more vibrant and strong?  Even being slightly dehydrated can lead to hair that is dry, lifeless and brittle.  Water is a basic component of all life.  Aim for eight glasses of water per day to maintain optimum overall health.  You hair will thank you!!

Jennifer Adler holds a Maser of Science in Clinical nutrition and Counseling from Bastyr Univerisity, where she is an adjunct factulty member.

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Title: Re: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by Jilayne75 on Dec 29th, 2008 at 7:33pm
hmmm...that's a good article. And it reminds me, I should be drinking more water. I dont even know if I drink 4 glasses a day let alone 8!  :o I mainly just drink things like juice, tea, and water.

Title: Re: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by Drear on Dec 31st, 2008 at 5:48am
I may be drinking too much.  At least three large glasses of water, 6912 cups of green tea and 3 cups of coffee.  I know, I need to get a life. ;).  I love salmon and eat it frequently and I take 3 fish oil capsules every day because another lady with similar skin disorder to me recommended it and it's certainly helped my skin and nails.  

My hair gets sort of a rusty "glow" if it's suffering through harsh treatment or lack of something.

Title: Re: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by Sakina on Dec 31st, 2008 at 7:02pm
Wow, Drear, that's a lot of green tea!

Title: Re: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by Drear on Jan 13th, 2009 at 12:55am
Does anyone else take fish oil or eat lots of oily fish?  I really feel a difference to my hair, nails and skin.  Actually, it's inconvenient how fast my nails grow and I can't find nail clippers that are strong enough to cut them straight over on my toes of fingers anymore.  So clipping nails has become quite laborous but I'm not one for long nails.  I don't think it goes with my lifestyle; kids, homemaking, gardening.  

It was actually for my skin that I began to take them on recommendation from a lady with similarly badly behaved skin.  I can't do alone with the fish oil but in combination with pharmacy moisturizers and prescription creams for dry, irritated skin and eczema, it helps better than the moisturizers and creams alone.

The side benefit is the hair growth and health.

Title: Re: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by Tanai on May 13th, 2009 at 12:51pm
I've taken fish oil supplements for a few years now. I don't notice any difference with my hair or skin or nails. My hair's always been soft, my skin's been dry since I got out of high school, and my nails have always peeled.  ::) However since it has so many other health benefits I continue to take it.  ;)

Title: Re: Hair and Nail Care from the Inside Out
Post by Drear on May 14th, 2009 at 2:49am
At this time of the year I don't need the expensive pharmacy lotions but I don't dare stop taking the fish oil capsules.  I'm sorry it's not improving your nails Tanai.  I've only noticed that my hair grows a bit faster in periods but that may have nothing to do with the fish oil.  Right now, unless my measuring's wrong, it's growing about 1/4" less each month than it did last year.  I'm also having trouble measuring my hair because it's at a "stupid" length where I can't reach the end of my hair and hold it straight from above or below. ::)

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