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Message started by daynebrenna12 on Sep 5th, 2009 at 5:09pm

Title: deeper+richer color; coffee rinse?
Post by daynebrenna12 on Sep 5th, 2009 at 5:09pm
Hey Everyone-

I have natural lightish(?) brown hair, but I like deeper/richer haircolor. When my hair is wet, I notice that the dark color works better with my pale skin/dark eyes/dark eyebrows. I don't want permanent color/roots or damage/dryness.
I want a deep translucent shine, but I don't know if that is even possible (lol). I've read a bit about coffee rinses but they all say different things and I'm confused. Can you guys tell me about coffee rinses or another option for what I want? If anything like that exsists, that is.

You guys are awesome :)

Title: Re: deeper+richer color; coffee rinse?
Post by Curlgirl64 on Sep 5th, 2009 at 7:24pm
You might want to try Cassia.  It's all natural(depending on where you get it) I suggest looking at the Mehandi.com website.  It will not change your color,but will deep condition it,shine and gloss are also things that it will do.
As for the coffee, I've not tried it,but heard that with consistancy it helps to cover greys.

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