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For those of you who are married... (Read 19430 times)

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Re: For those of you who are married...
Reply #15 - Oct 6th, 2005 at 2:55pm
I married in 2000 and my sister in law did my hair for me.  At the time my hair was abour BSL and slightly layered, no bangs at the time.  What she did was use a med. barrelled curling iron to spiral my entire head of hair, she then pulled all of my hair up into a high pony tale, being careful not to disturb the curls, and then took sections of the hair and loosely pinned it high up on my head.  It was very pretty, she also left some tendrils, loosely curled to hang down around my face, and I think also down the back of my neck.  I will see if I can find some pics to post.  Now, when she got married- I was her matron of honor, my hair was done by a friend of ours similarly, but slightly different- faster, too.  She sectioned my hair leaving two pieces by my face for the time being, the rest she pulled up into a high pony (before curling this time) and secured well.  She then used a curling iron to put pretty tight curls in the pony tale, and the down sections as well.  After curling, she pinned the curls up on my head, and loosely pulled the side sections back and pinned them near the pony elastic to blend in with the rest of my hair.  The reason she did this is because I told her I didn't want to see any "temple" sticking out, I have a high hairline, especially around my temples, so this prevented the sides from being to severely tight.  Tendrils were left hanging, and my bangs (short now) were swept to the side.  She did a fantastic job, I actually think I may attempt this on my own some day!  Those pics have not come back yet, but they should be done shortly, so I'll see about posting one of those as well.
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santa barbara, ca
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Re: For those of you who are married...
Reply #16 - Oct 7th, 2005 at 1:27am
That sounds pretty!  Looking forward to the pics.

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Angel Spun
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Re: For those of you who are married...
Reply #17 - Jun 18th, 2006 at 1:25am
Alright, I'm not married anymore, but like Maggie, I also married in 2000 and wore a curly updo for my wedding. My hair was nearly waist length at the time.

It was done professionally by the salon in the hotel where my wedding took place. The sylist set large curlers in my hair for lift, and I think she made me sit under a dome dryer for awhile.
    Next, the curlers came out and then came the gratuitous backcombing. I have very fine, thin hair, so all salons do this. The stylist ratted the front section of my hair, piling it high and then stuck her pick in it while one of my family members snapped a pic.  Roll Eyes
    After it had "sufficient volume," the stylist began pinning the back section of my hair into an elaborate weave, which was then covered up by the bottom layer of my hair (not sure what the purpose of the weave was).
    Once all sections of my hair were "up," she used a small curling iron to create tight, long curls, which she then pinned all over the top of my head. What I lacked naturally in volume, I made up for with length, so in the end, I had a big, curly updo, heavy with pins and spray.
    She left the gratuitous tendrils down also, and curled them. It really was a beautiful style, but most of it ended up being covered by my enormous veil.  Undecided

Should I ever chance to marry again (God willing), I've promised myself that I will wear my hair totally different. I'd much rather wear it down so it can actually be seen. Maybe pinned up on the sides with flowers or jewels. Maybe just straight down with a crown of small roses around my head.

But I'm definitely not shelling out $75 for a tortured, ratted and iron-burned updo that no one's going to be able to see anyway and will just fall limp by the end of the night.  Angry

Sometimes we just have to learn things the hard way, I guess....which makes second chances that much more of a blessing.  Wink
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Re: For those of you who are married...
Reply #18 - Jun 19th, 2006 at 10:05pm
When I was younger (4th/5th grade?) I saw a gal french-braiding her hair while her head was upside down.  In otherwords, the "top" of the braid was at the nape of her neck, and the "bottom" of the braid rested high on her head, with the remaining un-bradied hair gathered in a pony.  I suppose she could have finished the braid, then pinned it to her head, but she didn't.  Anyway, I thought that was the neatest thing I had ever seen...and since I had already decided I was growing my hair out, I vowed that day to use a variant of that style for my wedding.

11ish years later, I was headed into the stylist to get my hair done for my wedding.  She was a friend of the family, and while she had never seen what I requested, she could envision it and had no qualms about trying something new.  She did the upside-down french braid, then took my remaining hair and pinned it, then curled tiny sections of it and pinned all of those in a mass of curls all over the top of my head.  She then lacquered it in hair spray.  I LOVED it, and it stayed in all night, even though we danced until 1am.  However, I think dh and I spent an hour and a half in the shower that night trying to get all the pins and hairspray out, which made for an interesting first shower together....No complaints, though!   Wink  (I was still picking the occasionional pin out of my hair for the next two days, LOL!)

I should try that style again sometime...maybe braid it all the way and pin it up.  Maybe split the braid into two at the "bottom" and wrap around each side of my head, then pin?  Could be a neat way to do my hair on our anniversary in July (8 years!).  If I do, I'll try to post a pic (I never got a back-shot of my hair on my wedding day...*sniff*).
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