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Layers...oh the HORROR! (Read 1744 times)
Ex Member

Layers...oh the HORROR!
Feb 25th, 2009 at 8:35pm
I only decided this past january that I wanted TBL hair!  I've never had long hair and right now at mid-back its longer than every before.  Great right?  No.  Last year this time my hair was nearly mid-back - all the same length.  Buuuuttt...we've all done it... I went to a salon where some funky hair'ed girl told me how great layers would be so now I have hair that's a billion different lengths, the shortest being at my shoulders!  So for those of you who've been here done that... did you a) work with the layers eliminating them slowly as to keep your length?  or b) chop it all off evenly and go from there?  Any input would be wonderful!
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