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Sun & Sand Wedding Hair Ideas from "Modern Bride" (Read 3251 times)
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Sun & Sand Wedding Hair Ideas from "Modern Bride"
Apr 29th, 2003 at 7:15pm
184,000 Couples Say 'I Do' to Destination Weddings - Find Out How to Plan Love On Location in the June/July Issue of Modern Bride Magazine

NEW YORK, April 29 /PRNewswire/ --  ...This summer, Modern Bride magazine celebrates sun, sand and storybook castles (popular backdrops for a destination wedding) and offers ... hot weather hair solutions...

Hot Weather Hair 

Every beach bride will be a princess of the ocean with these hairstyles and hair accessories:

*  Half crown of seashells and starfish - Little treasures washed ashore  can beautifully adorn a headpiece and complement long, wavy locks tamed  by texturizing spray.

*  Fresh orchids - Cymbidium orchids tucked behind the ear add exotic  flair to a low bun or hair rolled at the nape of the neck.

*  No-worry updo - If you've always dreamed of wearing a tiara, try it  with a twisted and coiled updo that will keep your hair from going  flat, frizzy or out of control.

*  Island braids with a floral crown - For an industrial strength coif,  fashion long hair into multiple sections of baby braids, with an  elegant French braid down the center that will give the hairstyle a  more formal spin.  Top with a crown of fresh flowers (silk flowers  travel well and can be kept forever).

*  Starfish hairpins - Try the half-up-half-down look with a slightly  teased top section pulled back and secured with bobby pins.  Add  starfish (or other beach-inspired) hairpins and let the ends of the  hair fall free to catch the salty breeze.

SOURCE  Modern Bride 

CO:  Modern Bride

ST:  New York


04/29/2003 05:20 EDT
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