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Index of Hair Care Tutorials, Articles & Jewelry Resources

The LongLocks Boutique offers a fabulous wealth of hair care and styling guides. Among them you will find a gallery and instructions for hairstyles created using hair sticks, recipes for making your own hair care products at home, a braiding basics tutorial, and of course our immensely popular award-winning "Ultimate Guide to Growing Long Hair." You will find all the LongLocks articles organized by type and obsessively listed alphabetically below (cuz that's how I roll), along with a link to and a summary of each one. I have also included the useful hair jewelry and site resources that reside on the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique, as well as LongLocks-related social media. This isn't everything the boutique has to offer however, for that you'll have to stroll on over to the Site Map. Enjoy!

Susan Maxwell Schmidt Visual Fine Art

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[** below notes our most popular resources]

Hair Care Tutorials

Feed Your Soul to Feed Your Hair Learn how taking care of you is an essential step to preserving your beauty, including healthy hair!
Hair Care Recipes Cookbook** Use our recipes to make several different hair products at home, using your own natural and organic ingredients! Page two
LongLocks Lexicon Our daily paper bringing you the best of all hair care and styling resources shared on Twitter! Have a hair-related article to share? Follow us and when you tweet include the hashtag #longlocks and chances are it will appear in the LongLocks Lexicon!
LongLocks Salon** Though it's no longer open to new posts, the archived LongLocks Salon forum has thousands of tremendously helpful posts that share a wealth of information with regard to hair care.
Top 10 Tips for Healthy Hair** A quick guide to keep hair of any length in tip-top shape.
The Ultimate Guide to Growing Long Hair** Our award-winning article will teach you what to do, and what not to do, to achieve even extemely long, beautiful, healthy hair. Page two
The Ultimate Guide to Safely Removing Knots** Knots are one of the most hair damaging pitfalls we all have to face. This guide will teach you how to remove everything from a big head of knots to those tiny tangles that make us all nuts.
The Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care Winter can be very hard on your locks, this guide will keep your hair looking beautiful all through the winter months.
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Windswept by Waterhouse

Hairstyle Galleries & Styling Guides

Braiding Basics** Clear step-by-step instructions for creating standard English, French, Dutch and fishtail braids.
Embracing Your Gray Now that gray hair is a hot fashion trend, it's time to give up the harsh, damaging chemicals and embrace your gray! Learn how to make the change the easiest way possible with this tutorial on the LongLocks blog, Style & Angst.
Hairstyles Gallery** A collection of hair styles and updos with detailed instructions of how to create them yourself using LongLocks HairSticks.
LongLocks Fan Gallery Check out how fans of LongLocks HairSticks style their hair using our hair jewelry... both women and men!
Prom Hair Tips The perfect guide to get you, and your hair, ready for one of your first adult formal occasions.
Special Effect Hair Color Learn to express your dramatic self using special effect hair color using both very temporary and longer-lasting methods. Page two
The Ultimate Guide to Safely Curling Hair To keep your hair in beautiful condition at very long lengths, it's essential that you avoid doing damage. This guide will teach you several methods of curling your hair without risking extreme wear and tear on your tresses.
The Ultimate Guide to Using Hair Sticks** Hair sticks allow you to create dramatic, elegant hairstyles very easily. This guide, though written with the hair stick novice in mind, will even teach hair stick styling experts something new!
Wedding Hair Tips Lots of common sense tips to make sure your hair is perfect on your big day, and a few surprises too!

LongLocks Boutique & Hair Jewelry Information

Beads & Findings Glossary Information regarding all the beads, gemstones and precious metals used in LongLocks HairSticks hair jewelry designs.
Birthstones, Zodiac & Anniversary Gemstones** A complete chart of traditional and contemporary birthstones, Zodiac birthstones and anniversary gemstones, and the lore associated with each gem.
Choosing Hair Stick Length Learn which length of LongLocks HairSticks are perfect for your hair length and texture.
Collectors Club** Learn all about our extremely popular and entirely free LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club, and all the great benefits you'll gain by joining including everyday discounts and free gift certificates! Did I mention it's entirely free?
Hair Jewelry Color Chart Learn which colors of hair jewelry will work best in your hair based on your hair color.
LongLocks FAQ** Learn just about everything there is to know about LongLocks from its history to how we obtain our animal-friendly bone.
The LongLocks Philosophy** Read the humorous account of how Susan Maxwell Schmidt's angst-ridden childhood of forced pixie cuts influenced the creation of LongLocks.
The LongLocks Studio Though the photos actually depict "two studios ago" (and I promise to update them someday when my current studio is neat and tidy, which means never), you'll still learn a lot about the LongLocks studio and very impressive bead collection.
Style & Angst** The LongLocks blog that shares all kinds of information regarding hair, designer style, shopping and what's happening at LongLocks.
Testimonials & Design Gallery Read what several of our customers have to say and check out many of the designs in the LongLocks archive.
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La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Sir Frank Dicksee

Social Media, Communications & Fun Stuff

Free Fine Art eCards Send gorgeous works of art in the form of free e-cards featuring long-haired beauties as depicted throughout history by the world's greatest artists!
Hair Schtick A collection of really bad hair jokes, poetry and humourous tales (tails?) to help on those days when your hair wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. And by bad, I mean... bad.
PRX Stream A hidden treasure at the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique! Enjoy PRX, the most fabulous radio station in the world, while you explore the boutique. PRX streams a collection of the best shows curated from NPR stations across the country... think of it as uber NPR! (This link will open in a new tab, which will have to remain open to as long as you'd like to keep PRX playing)

Social Media/Communications

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