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Onyx Bloom Stix Nouveau

LongLocks HairSticks
Catalog of Hair Jewelry

Your Long Locks are One-of-a-Kind.
Shouldn't Your Hair Jewelry Be?

Established in 1999, LongLocks HairSticks have been created by jewelry artist Susan Maxwell Schmidt and collected worldwide for over fifteen years. With rare and always noted exception, every exquisite LongLocks hair jewelry design is one-of-a-kind and never exactly duplicated, including the few special order versions made available in most designs. Each is designed as a beautiful artistic representation of the wearer's personal style; close to an astounding 11,000 unique handcrafted pieces are recorded in the LongLocks archive to date, and adorn the tresses of both men and women around the globe appreciative of jewelry as fine art.

Whatever choice you make (and it won't be easy!), you will always have the pleasure of knowing no one else on earth wears a design identical to the jewels you've chosen to adorn your own hair. They will always be exclusive to you... and you alone.

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Each image below represents a page in the catalog that displays one of the many different LongLocks HairSticks styles. Clicking the image or link below the style of hair jewelry you wish to view will present several designs in your chosen style, the details of which may then be viewed individually.
LongLocks HairSticks and Jewelry Accessories

First and Limited Edition Hair Jewelry Designs
First and Limited Edition Designs
Ready to ship!
Graffiti BijouStix Hair Accessories
Hand Painted Drama
24kt. Lily BridalStix Hair Jewelry
Heirloom Wedding Jewelry
Dragon d'Artiste DragonStix Hair Sticks
Watercolor Dragon Scales
Daisy Daisy FantasyStix Hair Accessories
Iridescent Colors

Firey Blooms FoilStix Hair Sticks
Metallic Foils - Retiring!
Autumn's Horizon GeishaStix Japanese Hair Ornament
Kanzashi Designs
Love's Illusion GlimmerStix Hair Jewelry
Hand Painted Finishes
Seashore Serenity GlitterStix Hair Ornaments
Glitter and Sparkle

Moonbeam Electric Holostix Hair Jewelry
Holographic Sparkle
Luminous Peacock LuminiStix Hair Ornaments
Intense Luminous Hues
Cherry Lily MajeStix Hair Jewelry
Gossamer Veils
Tiger Tale Original LongLocks HairSticks
What Started it All!

Lavender Muse PearliStix Hair Sticks
Genuine Mother-of-Pearl
Surrealism RapunzelStix Hair Pins
For Rapunzel Locks
Romanza Rainbow RomanzaStix Hair Jewelry
Italian Metal Leaf
Gilded Opulence ShimmerStix Hair Sticks - Click to see more!
The Ultimate Shimmer New!

Gilded Opulence Stix Nouveau Hair Jewelry - Click to see more!
Art Nouveau Designs
Blue Morning SugarStix Hair Ornaments
Sparkling Sugar
Eleanor's Primrose SwingStix Hair Pins
Light-Catching Dangles
Adirondack ChapStix Hair Stick
Hair Jewelry for Men

Special Edition Hair Jewelry Designs
Best of the Best!
Last Chance Hair Jewelry Designs
Last Chance Designs!
Hat Pins and Stick Pins

Limited Edition Designs

Jewelry Display Boxes and Trays

With Flocked Compartments

Waltzing Willow Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry

Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry
Chinese Silk Brocade Jewelry Rolls
Elegant Silk Brocade
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Susan's Closet - Gently Used and Mint Condition Designer Accessories at Bargain Prices!

Gently Used and Mint Condition Designer
Accessories at Bargain Prices!

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