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Sleeping with long hair (Read 2690 times)

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Sleeping with long hair
Aug 12th, 2004 at 9:16pm
This might have been asked before,but is it better
to sleep on a satin pillowcase or put you hair in a
satin scarf?  I'm a restless sleeper, and I've heard
you can actually cause your hair to break on a regular
pillowcase.   My hair is not really long enough to put
in a braid, and I don't want to put it in a (short) pony
as I'm afraid it might cause to much stress on the scalp.
(Causing even more breakage).   I found a satin sleep
cap but I wonder if wearing a slumber cap over my
head night after night would cut off circulation.  Maybe
better damaged hair than no hair?  Seriously, Is it  anything to worry about, or should I just forget it until
my hair gets long enough to braid.  I hope this doesn't
sound like a dumb question.
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Re: Sleeping with long hair
Reply #1 - Aug 13th, 2004 at 2:34am
No, it's not a dumb question, it's a very good question!  I highly recommed satin pillowcases and I think you'll find that your hair will be less tangled and acquire less damage if you use one.  I would think a pillowcase would be better than a cap, as I can see your hair still being subject to a certain amount of friction in a cap.  Try to go for bridal satin rather than cheap satin... cheap satin pills and becomes rough very quickly.
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