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L'Etoile Perdue by William Bouguereau

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Galadriel's wedding plans (Read 24444 times)

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Re: Galadriel's wedding plans
Reply #30 - Sep 15th, 2005 at 2:32pm
I guess that it makes me calm that the wedding ceremony is going to be so small, and looks so much like me. Most ceremonies are quite theathrical to my tastes and have so many fancy elements that the pair wants to do right- I don't have that kind of stress at all. All I need to do is not to faint in front of the census officer and to say "I'm willing" in the right place. I think I can manage it...

So, magistrate has now been booked, and our plan is quite ready:
  First to the magistrate, just the two of us. After that, changing of clothes and drive to Naantali Spa where we spend the following couple of days being spoiled and bathing in roses and milk. In a few weeks, the reception.Our apartment seeking is going badly, so place for the reception might become a problem. But, we'll figure it out somehow.

I suppose also that I'm not going to make that custom hairstick order after all- Rapunzel is so busy, and I don't still have a clue of the wedding dress. But, I suppose that this gives me a nice excuse to buy every nice hairstick pair I find from the boutique.  Grin

Have to resume styling exercises again. Now that I have some clue of a few basic styles, I think I'm ready to proceed to make something better finished. Photos will be coming...

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Re: Galadriel's wedding plans
Reply #31 - Sep 21st, 2005 at 2:09am
It sounds wonderful Galadriel!  Can't wait to see more pictures.
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