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Do you repair broken hairsticks? (Read 3405 times)

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Do you repair broken hairsticks?
Mar 3rd, 2005 at 2:01pm
My dear hairsticks are doing well at the moment, but as I'm a heavy user...things could happen, and this is a thing I'd love to know beforehand.  Smiley
So, should something happen to my hairstick,  would it be possible to send it to you for repairing? If you have repaired broken hairsticks, can you tell how much (in average) have you charged for work & replaced parts(excluding shipping costs)? How should the sticks be packed (eg. if a stick is broken, would you prefer to get the pieces, or would you just replace the stick part with new?) Would you need only the broken hairstick or also its pair for making the repair match?

I think that this question might have some general interest, as I think that many of us are quite fond of our hairsticks.
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Re: Do you repair broken hairsticks?
Reply #1 - Mar 3rd, 2005 at 8:32pm
Of course I can repair broken hairsticks!  I can't tell you the price unless I know exactly what the issue is, how I have to go about repairing it, what style of sticks they are and what, if any, beads or crystals need to be replaced.  Shipping is the same as for a regular order and I do ship them back for free with existing orders.  I need all the parts and both sticks so if a stick has to be completely replaced, I can ensure you once again have a matching pair once the repair is complete.  The only real "potential" issue would be if a bead or crystal has to be replaced that is art glass or vintage that I no longer have in my collection and no more can be had, or if the original design is from a style of hairsticks that I discontinued (RoseStix for instance) that are comprised of components I no longer work with.  Otherwise, I can fix just about anything! :)

Oh, and it does take a bit of patience on your part too... since I have to squeeze the few repairs and replacements for lost sticks that I have to do inbetween all the mass quantities of boutique, special order and custom work I do, it usually takes about a month or so for me to get them shipped back to you.  Patience is definitely a virtue around LongLocks these days, lemme tell ya!  :P
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