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The Gripper for fine hair (Read 2502 times)

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The Gripper for fine hair
Apr 9th, 2005 at 3:40pm
Found a great new comb the other day at Claire's.  It's called The Gripper, and they had two styles, a hair pic and a french twist comb.  I decided to give the french twist comb a try, because my hair is so fine and slippery, I had given up on french twists altogether.  They just won't stay in!  Well, this comb did the trick!  It's plastic, with four teeth, but in between the teeth are thin plastic strips that expand to let your hair in, but hold pressure against the hair to keep the comb in place (sorry, it's sort of hard to describe).  It held so well, that I actually had trouble getting it out of my hair.  Not in a damaging way at all, but it just didn't want to let go!  There are no metal parts, and no moving parts, so it's very hair friendly.  At around $5, I can just stick it in my purse for hair emergencies, and since it's plastic, not worry about it getting damaged in amongst the mess!
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