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Strengthen Naturally For Longer Hair (Read 6268 times)

I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

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Strengthen Naturally For Longer Hair
Feb 7th, 2006 at 6:28am
Moisturize & Strengthen

I have kinky hair and if you want to have long, healthy, and shiny hair, you need to strenghten it organically. I always look for organic products with olive oil in it. It probably the best moisturizer for our hair that also gives a great shine to your hair. Believe it or not, but alot of Romanian and Italians have very kinky hair too, just like ours. I'm not saying just thick, I mean nappy roots. And a beauty secret that dated back to Romanian gypsies and even Egyptian Cleopatra was olive oil. And gypsies were known for their beautiful hair and complexions that they got from olive oil, and rose water & olive oil for the skin.

Our hair is very brittle. No matter how much moisturizer you put on it everyday, it always seems to break off in little pieces that almost looks like a cat shedding. Organically strengthening your hair with herbs will help to stop that. Also you will not be able to grow long hair if you neglect strengthening it, because for every inche you seem to grow, another inche breaks off.

***Also, never, and I stress NEVER, brush you hair like it were anything other than something as fragile as an antique, use a brush with plastic bristles (ONLY use boars bristles), brush your hair while it's wet or damp (use a wide tooth comb ONLY!), use hair products that contain any kind of alcohol, or wear hair extensions (wear a half wig if you must; will cause no damage. Read my post in the 'Fully Extended' forum section.). Look to buy a water filtered shower head to filter out all of the chlorine and nasty contaminents that are in your water that your hair ends up soaking in.***

***Always trim your hair every 3 months to rid of splitends even if you can't make any out. If you do not trim your hair, it will never grow out healthy and rapidly. You will have to cut off more the longer you wait when the split ends start splitting up further on the strands. I like to trim mine on the new moon, because supposedly your hair grows longer then. Full moons, your hair grows slower. Gypsy belief, not to mention alot of other cultures around the world. Gypsies say to bury the trimmed locks beneath a willow tree for it to grow as fast as a willow tree does. Puerto Ricans put theres in the stalk (the pointed rolled up like a cone leaf at the top) on top of a banana tree.***

Nettle, horsetail, and avocado are great herbs for strengthening the hair.

If you stay out in the sun alot, shea butter has natural UV protection that is great for the hair.

Great MUST-HAVE Products:

MillCreek Biotene H-24 Shampoo gives you thicker fuller hair.

Aubrey Organics - Island Naturals Replenishing Conditioner makes your hair incredibly nice and soft, strengthens, and adds a nice exotic, spicy scent.

Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment is great to wrap the hair in before you shampoo it out. You do not necessarily need to wrap the hair though. But you must dampen the hair before you apply it. I use a spritz bottle of non-chlorine water to spritz the hair instead of dosing hair under the faucet first.

ORGANIC Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray adds the most incredible shine to your hair that is not oily at all. It gives just the right amount of moisture to add to your hair at anytime of day when your hair needs it.

ORGANIC Root Stimulator Olive Oil cream is great to add to your hair after a shower while it is still damp. It is richly moisturizing!

You can find them at your local Wholefood Market. If there are no Wholefood Markets in your area, visit:

Aubrey Organics

Under Biotin Section-

Burt's Bees

You can find the ORGANIC Root Stimulator Olive Oil products in just about any drugstore in the African-American hair section.
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Re: Strengthen Naturally For Longer Hair
Reply #1 - Feb 9th, 2006 at 1:50am
Thanks for the info!  It is nteresting to hear that some Italians have nappy hair.  I am African American and Italian and have course/curly hair.
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