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Static Hair (Read 3520 times)
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Static Hair
Mar 8th, 2007 at 8:13am
Winter can create its own challenges with long hair.  Static is probably one of the most commonly referred to frustrations in the winter.  How to deal with it sometimes makes us look at our regular routines.  Here are some ideas for you to consider when struggling with static.

1.  The fabrics that your hair comes in contact with may be the cause of static.  Synthetics in particular can cause hair to become "hair raising".  Try limiting the contact between your hair and synthetics by either wearing your hair up or wearing a scarf or shawl of a fabric that does not create the static.

2.  A used fabric softener sheet can be used to tame the static.  Either run the sheet down your hair or on the fabric that might be causing the static.  If you only use liquid fabric softener, try putting a small amount ofo fabric softener in a bowl of water and soaking a wash cloth.  Once dry, this cloth can be used to tame the static cling on your hair (or slip!).

3.  Static is most prevalent in dry air conditions.  Adding moisture to the air will help reduce the static.  Try running a humidifier in your bedroom at night.  Personally, I recommend a cold water humidifier to reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth.   

4.  Sleeping with a satin pillowcase can reduce static.  If you feel a satin pillowcase is the cause of your static - wash the case with a fabric softener and do not over dry the fabric.

5.  A light application of oil to your hair will help keep your hair manageable by adding and retaining moisture in the hair.  Jojoba oil is a very light oil that works well for most hair types.  Very little oil is needed.  Just a small drop rubbed between the hands, then run down the hair - concentrating on the ends, will add shine and control to your hair.

6.  A good, heavy conditioning will also help maintaining control of your hair.  Keeping the hair moisturized helps prevent static.

7.  Use a leave-in conditioner.  If you don't usually use leave-ins, try using just a little bit of your regular conditioner as a leave-in.  It should be applied to the length of the hair only.

8.  Avoid heated appliances which draw the moisture out of the hair.  Examples would include, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and heated rollers.

9.  Synthetic bristle brushes and combs can create static.  Use a boar bristle brush and/or wooden or bone combs to minimize the static.

10.  Move to a more humid area.    Grin
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