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Organic jojoba root stimulator (Read 3235 times)
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Organic jojoba root stimulator
Jul 25th, 2007 at 8:28pm
Hi,on advice from others here,I got some jojoba oil in the form of organic jojoba root stimulator to tame my unmanageable and flyaway hair.I also started taking vitamins,the usual hair care vits and have noticed something I am quite pleased with.

On doing daily raking,well combing several times a day(I like combing hair),the hairs that naturally came out on the comb,one of my silver hairs and a few of the darker ones.Messing about,I tried to break it,it jjust flexed and sprung back,I had to pull quite hard to break it after it had flexed.Now,before I came on this site,if I did that to a hair,it would break easily and not stretch.So in short,my hair appears stronger,more flexible.

I use the jojoba daily and take the vits daily,the jojoba makes my hair look wet even when dry,but that is fine with me,because it is at last under control,but my hair is in better condition,surely the vits could'nt be acting that quickly.Or is it the jojoba,is it known for strengthening hair?
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Re: Organic jojoba root stimulator
Reply #1 - Jul 26th, 2007 at 7:41am
The vitamins will only help the new growth, not existing hair.  But the jojoba oil will be absorbed into the shaft of the hair allowing it to be more flexible and less brittle.  Brittle, dry hair will break easily, the moisturized hair will be able to handle more bending and flexing before breaking.

Glad your new routine is giving you desirable results.
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