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Shag Hairstyles are back?! (Read 3950 times)

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Shag Hairstyles are back?!
Jun 25th, 2009 at 10:51pm
So we need to spice this board up a bit. Has everyone seen that the shag is back? Bella from Twilight just got a shag haircut straight from the 80's which is not hot in my opinion but nonetheless shows the trend. Here are some of my favorite new shag styles:
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Re: Shag Hairstyles are back?!
Reply #1 - Jun 26th, 2009 at 7:41am
I don't pay attention to trends anymore so I hadn't noticed that shags were back in and I dougbt anyone in rural west Denmark over 30 has. Grin    I have had shags in the past but I didn't know they were called that in English.  It is a hairstyle that flatters my features and hair type so I do from time to time recommend it to women who don't desire long hair but have a similar face shape to mine even if their hair texture is different because a shag can be cut to suit any face and hair texture.  I don't know if it's called a shag if someone with very curly hair has a shag cut.  Then it's just slightly retro but not tidy enough for my taste in vintage hairstyles.  Each to their own. Smiley
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