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Hairstyling Library: Learn How to Style Your Hair

Lamia by John William Waterhouse The Hair Styles and Styling section of the LongLocks Library offers a curated selection of books that teach you how to style your and other's hair yourself. Not only can you have fun trying new styles on yourself and family members, but learning how to trim hair will give you more control over your own hair growing goals, and styling the hair of the men in the house yourself will also save you a ton of money! Subjects explored within this section of hand selected books include updos, hair braiding, hair cutting, hair color and hair styling in reference to several different fashion eras. Titles include "1940s Hairstyles;" "The Hair Braider's Secret Reference Manual;" "Art of Finger Waving -- Recreating Vintage 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles;" "5 Minute Trendy Up-Dos" and the entire much-loved "Patrick Cameron Dressing Long Hair" series.
Those seeking additional resources on the subject of hairstyles may find titles relevant to their interests in the Historical Hair Styles and Art Library, the Hairstyling Media Library, the Salon Industry Library, as well as our own HairStyles Gallery, Ultimate Guide to Safely Curling Long Hair, The Ultimate Guide to Special Effect Hair Color, our tutorial on How to Use Hair Sticks, and our beginners' guide to Hair Braiding Basics.

If you are aware of a title within the genre of hairstyles or hair styling techniques, or any related subjects you feel should be included in our library, please feel free to contact us with your suggestion.

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