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LongLocks Library of Hair Care & Styling Resources

The Painter's Honeymoon by Lord Frederic Leighton We at the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique know how difficult it is to find good, reliable resources for hair care, especially in one central location. To help make the vast array of available information more organized for our visitors who have interest in hair styling and care, we offer the carefully curated LongLocks Library, in association with the most trusted retailer on the internet, Amazon. All the media within the LongLocks Library is hand selected from our own favorites, the best reviewed, and the most acclaimed offerings in their respective categories, whether your interest lies in hairstyles and styling, making your own hair care products, learning about the salon industry, or anything that falls inbetween. If you are aware of a book or video you feel would make a great addition to our library, please contact us and tell us all about it!

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Hair Salon Industry Titles intended for professional hairstylists, salon owners, students and others who participate in the hair salon industry.
Hair Style Videos Want step-by-step instructions to learn hair weaving, braiding, or just about any other category of hair styling from the pros? You'll find great videos in the Hair Style Videos section of the LongLocks Library.
Hair Styles and Styling ere you will find a comprehensive selection of books about hairstyles and hair styling. This section includes books that cover hairstyles of the past; styles worn by celebrity models and movie stars; instructional manuals on coloring or braiding hair; and publications pertaining to long hair care, among others.
Historical Hair Styles and Art Explore resources that cover hair styles from several historical time periods, wig and headdress making, Victorian hair jewelry, and hair styles for stage and screen, to name but a few.
Natural Hair Care Library From aromatherapy, to ingredients best to avoid in shampoo, to hair product home recipes, if what you seek is information about what goes into your favorite hair potions or how to make them yourself, here is where you'll find it!
Stories About Hair A large collection of stories with an emphasis on the subject of hair for children and young adults. Titles in this library cover such topics as alopecia, hair cuts, dealing with knots, and even dealing with cancer.