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Feed Your Soul to Feed Your Hair

Small Life Changes Can Affect All Aspects of Beauty

Three of life's most enjoyable earthly pleasures can be fabulous for your hair: good food, rejuvenative sleep and and a wonderful love life. All three are avenues to your soul. Cultivate all three and ravishing hair will accompany your body's harmonic balance naturally, and you'll enjoy lots of other health, beauty, and even emotional benefits as well!

Nourish Your Body to Nourish Your Beauty

Eating good food is essential to beautiful hair and skin. Getting your vitamins and minerals from what you eat is always a better option than taking a pill, and a lot more fun, too. You don't have to deny yourself the pleasure of delicious food, even simple changes can make a huge difference.
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Enjoy fish such as wild Alaskan salmon in a fresh basil lemon sauce, and treat your hair and skin to a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids at the same time. Replace vegetable oil with monosaturated olive oil in every recipe you can and reap the rewards (I use olive oil for everything except baking sweet dishes or frying at very high temperatures). Good-for-you-food doesn't have to be bad food. Consider it a manner of thinking, living and eating in a way that makes you passionate about life. Even chocolate is very good for you and the darker, more cocoa-laden, the better.

Giving up soda is a change that will have absolutely tremendous health benefits. Nothing in our society that is absolutely horrible for you is consumed more than soda. Carbonated soda has no nutrional value and depletes your body's calcium at a tremendous rate, even if it has zero calories! Drink red wine in moderation with every dinner and copius amounts of water with a bit of lemon throughout the day. As a former hardcore Pepsi addict, I know from experience this is not an easy change to make; however, I also know from experience that you can become just as addicted to ice cold lemon water and that within a realtively short time, even the source of your addiction will no longer have any appeal to you whatsoever.
Eat raw or steamed vegetables often, or if you don't care for many of them eat fruit and salads instead (the repertoire of veggies I'll eat is somewhat limited but I could practically live on salad). Avoid the almost completely nutritionally devoid iceburg lettuce and choose romaine or a delicious mix of mesclun greens. Experiment with different vinegars such as Champagne, tarragon or raspberry. Eat by color; dark leafy greens and orange, yellow, or red fruits contain the biggest nutritional punch. Make your own yogurt and use it to create fabulous strawberry smoothies for lunch. Enjoy a handful of crispy soybeans or even nuts smothered in the afore-mentioned dark chocolate.

If you're really ambitious you can even start seeds in a cold frame in February and grow your own veggies and salad greens come spring. Not only can you eat what you grow, but you can also use what you harvest to make organic hair care products in your own kitchen (see our Hair Care Cookbook for easy instructions to make your own homemade natural hair products, or if you really want to treat yourself, check out the fabulous organic hair care products from JustNatural, I am a huge fan of their entirely silicone-free Frizz Hair Shea Butter).
Feed Your Soul to Feed Your Hair
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Live beautifully and you'll look beautiful, including your hair. And by all means, have a slice of a decadent chocolate torte once in awhile. Life would hardly be worth living without it!

Not an Old Wives' Tale: The Importance of Beauty Sleep

Good and sufficient sleep is needed to repair and restore the entire body and is essential to your health, skin and hair, as well as to reducing stress. Our overworked, driven-to-do-it-all society is notorius for surviving on much less sleep than is necessary for good health. Though hair itself is "dead," every follicle on your head has a root of living cells that are directly influenced by how you treat your body. Sacrifice the essential restorative process of sleep, and you sacrifice the effectiveness of your body to be able to supply your hair follicles with necessary nutrients that prevent hair loss and stunted growth. Because growth hormone is secreted when you sleep, getting enough even makes a large contribution to controlling your weight!

Living your life efficiently with an emphasis on giving priority to getting the sleep you need is essential to good health. To keep your hair in great shape while getting that sleep, it is a really good idea to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, or wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Cotton pillowcases wick away the moisture necessary to sustain healthy hair and can result in split ends, whereas smooth satin protects your hair's cuticle while you sleep.

When you make the lifestyle changes that will ensure you get enough restorative sleep, not only will your hair be beautiful but you will enjoy the satisfaction of having made a lifestyle change that will benefit you in all aspects of healthy living, and it's even one you can enjoy!

A Great Love Life Makes a Happy You and Happy Hair

Don't ignore your sensual side, it is a completely natural part of life and it is essential to good health--physically, emotionally and mentally.

Give yourself permission to find what pleases you, what makes you feel beautiful and feeds your soul. Take the time to teach your partner what makes you happy and learn from them as well. If you don't have a partner or the ultimate love life with the one you have, explore on your own. Being intimately aware of all your senses is very important to controlling stress, making you happy, and is absolutely essential to being a woman. Fabulous love making doesn't only feel wonderful but the resulting big increase in circulation delivers your body's nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles! Now be honest... can you think of a more enjoyable way to encourage healthy hair?

Cultivate Your Own Happiness and Everyone Benefits

Many times work, relationships, caring for those you love in a manner that stretches you to the limit, a health setback, or a combination of stressful circumstances put you in what seems to be an inescapable corner. It might feel as though you have no choice but to carry on as you have but you actually have many choices available to you that can make all aspects of your life more enjoyable.

It may not always be easy to make changes but neither does it have to be overwhelmingly difficult; rarely is there no room for small improvements that will pay high dividends well worth the effort. Women who learn that much of their lives are within their own power to change or control and make the effort to put an emphasis on their own health and happiness, will not only be better able to make those around them happy but they will gain tremendous confidence and benefits when they take care of themselves in all aspects of life.

Enjoying food choices made with an emphasis on their benefits without feeling you are denying yourself, getting enough rejuvenating sleep, cultivating emotional and physical love, and working toward organizing your life so there is time for you to spend doing something that makes you happy, will all result in the ability to love those around you with the same health and attention you give yourself. Best of all your body, skin, outlook on life and yes, even your hair will reflect it all... beautifully.

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