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Gallery: Fans of LongLocks HairSticks Show Off Their Hairstyles and Updos

Our customers often share photos with us of their LongLocks HairSticks in their hair. We always love to see your wonderful ideas for hairstyles created with our hair sticks and are happy to post them in our Customer Gallery!

Gollan shows off his Lazuli LongLocks ChapStix Gollan, who is a frequent poster on the LongLocks Salon message boards, was kind enough to post pictures of his great "man bun" hairstyle wearing his Lazuli genuine lapis lazuli LongLocks ChapStix hair stick. When Gollan posted on our boards he said, "I'm very happy with my ChapStix and I'm glad I gave hair sticks a try!... Thanks for developing ChapStix, they are a great option for us slightly conservative long hairs." Thank you Gollan, for sharing your pictures and gorgeous hair with us!
Larissa shows off her Golden Butterfly LongLocks GeishaStix Hair Pin
Larissa shows off her Scarlet Fan longlocks geishastix hair pin
Beth Presswood sent us pictures of her unbelievably fabulous bun not once, but twice! How on earth does she do them so perfectly? She didn't tell! Beth is showing off her Golden Butterfly and Scarlet Fan LongLocks GeishaStix hair pins. Thank you for sharing your pictures and beautfiul buns with us Beth!

Susan Maxwell Schmidt Visual Fine Art
Larissa shows off her Purple Mist LongLocks DuetStix Hair Sticks
Larissa shows off her 'May Faire' LongLocks SwingStix Hair Sticks
Larissa was kind enough to send us pictures of her beautiful healthy hair styled with her Purple Mist LongLocks DuetStix and her May Faire LongLocks SwingStix. When Larissa sent us her hair style photo she said, "I have never worn hair sticks before, and I have a lot of very fine hair. It slips out of ponytail bands, scrunchies, everything, it has even escaped bobby pins due to the weight of it and the slippery texture when I try to hold it in place. I read a lot about the sticks before I bought them, and I was really pleasantly surprised to see how well they hold. Before if I tried to hold that knot up, I would have to use a pony tail band and then wrap a scrunchy around it to hold the mass of it in place. Even after shaking my head that single May Faire stick didn't budge and my hair twist didn't come undone! As for the ponytail, I was able to use the Purple Mist DuetStix to weave the ponytail band in place so it wouldn't do the inevitable 'slide' down my hair that makes my morning ponytail look like a loose mess after only an hour or two. Since the band will finally stay in place, I was able to twist a small lock of hair around it to hide the band. I think that dressed up my ponytail quite a bit. It's a nicer look than a scrunchy if I have a meeting or want to wear a simple ponytail out for an evening. Thank you so much so having such a wonderful product." Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and hair styling tips with us Larissa!
Cynthia shows off her Butterflies Custom LongLocks DecoStix Hair Sticks Cynthia once again has honored us with a picture of her gorgeous hair, which she has fashioned into a pretty bun using her Butterflies, Cynthia's custom LongLocks DecoStix. When Cynthia sent us her photo she said, "Not that great [a picture] due to a focusing issue regarding the butterflies, but I had an extra picture on a roll of actual film and what better thing to take a picture of than my hair and hairsticks!" We agree Cynthia, and thanks for sending us another picture of your beautiful hair!
Tierny shows off her mom's Songham Star Custom LongLocks GeishaStix Hair Pin Sher Pond, one of LongLocks' long-time customers, sent us this picture of her daughter wearing Songham Star, Sher's custom LongLocks GeishaStix hairstick that she ordered for a very special occasion. When Sher sent us her photo she said, "Here is a picture of my lovely daughter Tierney wearing *my* Songham Star GeishaStix hairstick! I ordered this stick intending to wear it for my Black Belt ceremony, but my daughter was to be promoted at the same time, and she begged me to let her wear it. I couldn't refuse my baby! Doesn't she look beautiful? Thank you so much for making this beautiful piece that made a wonderful event that much more special." Yes Sher, Tierny certainly is beautiful! Thank you for sending us the photo and congratulations to you both on achieving your black belts!
Micahela shows off her Lady Murasaki LongLocks GeishaStix
Micahela shows off her Royal Sterling LongLocks SterlingStix
Michaela Grey was kind enough to send us pictures of her elaborate wedding aboard a boat, during which she wore a special order pair of LongLocks GeishaStix she named Lady Murasaki along with her Royal Sterling pair of LongLocks SterlingStix. When Michaela sent us her photos she said, "I thought I'd share some pictures of my wedding hair... it turned out beautifully, thanks to your gorgeous sticks. In addition to the two matched pairs of hair sticks, my style incorporates 4 bunches of braided yaki pony hair and three silk roses. Although I had also purchased a gorgeous matching choker from you, I ended up wearing an amethyst necklace my mother brought me to wear. I am sure I'll have many other opportunities to wear the choker you made for me. Thanks again for helping my hair to look so special last Saturday. I got more compliments than I could handle, and the amethyst turned out to match my gowns perfectly!" Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Michaela, your wedding looks like it was the most fun of all time!
Jodie shows off her Pure Magic LongLocks GlitterStix One of our regular customers Jodie sent us this picture of her lovely hair in a fancy bun secured with her Pure Magic LongLocks GlitterStix. When Jodie sent us her picture she said, "Love the sticks. Next time hopefully I'll be able to open more of them myself... Hubby opened 4 out of 6! Grrr....haha! Whatever it takes to be able to order more of these wonderful sticks!" Thank you Jodie and tell your hubby we said HANDS OFF!
Laura shows off her Winter Snow LongLocks GeisahStix Asian Hair Pin Our friend Laura graces us again with another great photo of her beautiful hair! Laura is showing off her Winter Snow LongLocks GeishaStix kanzashi hair pin. When Laura sent me her photos she said, "This was too beautiful not to photograph. The design itself is lovely, but the way it catches the light--which I couldn't capture on film--is absolutely breathtaking." Thank you for sharing more photographs of your beautiful hair, Laura!
Andi Apple Johnson shows off her custom Anam Cara Bridal GeishaStix hair pin and her Cariad custom LongLocks BridalStix, while her sister shows off her Torrid LongLocks GlitterStix Hair Sticks
Andi Apple Johnson, who was a beautiful bride, shows us her beautiful wedding hairstyle using her custom Anam Cara bridal LongLocks GeishaStix hair pin and her custom Cariad LongLocks BridalStix, while her sister shows off her lovely blonde locks and her Torrid LongLocks GlitterStix. When Andi wrote me she said, "I INSISTED someone get some shots of the back of my head and the back of my sister's head while we were getting ready, just in case we didn't get any other shots of the hairsticks, so these are what I'm calling the just-in-case shots. My sister is also wearing a pair of your sticks... they have big, beautiful Siam crystals and red sticks." Andi also sent us a shot of her wedding ceremony, saying she wanted us to see "...what your hairsticks created. I loved the hairsticks so much we ended up with what my mother-in-law called the 'crystal extravaganza.' Both bouquets and all the corsages and boutineers were made by her - they're all Swarovski crystals (in Siam, Turmaline, and AB crystals) and I made everyone some earrings, also in Swarovski crystals. I made sure everyone knew your work is what started it all." We are so happy to have contributed a little sparkle to your lovely wedding! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Andi.
Stephanie Sharo Chiesi shows off her Maribou LongLocks GlimmerStix Hair Sticks
Stephanie Sharo Chiesi shows off her Temple Bells LongLocks GeishaStix Asian Hair Pin
Stephanie Sharo Chiesi shows off her Sea Gold LongLocks ShadowStix Hair Sticks
Stephanie Sharo Chiesi, who has beautiful blonde curls I'd just die for, shows us how she has used her Maribou LongLocks GlimmerStix, Temple Bells LongLocks GeishaStix kanzashi hair pin, and her Sea Gold LongLocks ShadowStix in three gorgeous styles. When Stephanie wrote me she said, "I'm so excited to get more sticks! I use them nearly every day, and always get a compliment from at least two people a day!" We are so glad you and your friends like them so much! Thank you for taking the time to show us your creative hairstyles Stephanie.
Cynthia shows off her Montana Blues LongLocks GemStix
Cynthia shows off her Afterglow LongLocks SwingStix
Cynthia, one of our favorite LongLocks HairSticks Boutique repeat customers, shows off her Montana Blues LongLocks GemStix and her Afterglow LongLocks SwingStix in her *stunning* auburn hair. When Cynthia wrote me recently she said, "I wanted to let you know that your hair sticks really brighten my day, so I am letting myself splurge... your sticks are very special and make me feel more special. So thank you for making them." Thank you so much for making *us* feel special and sharing your photographs of your beautiful hair with us Cynthia!

Laura shows off her Arvada LongLocks SatinStix
Laura shows off her Pansy Blue LongLocks PetalStix
Laura, who is a LongLocks HairSticks Boutique repeat customer many times over, shows off her Arvada LongLocks SatinStix and her Pansy Blue LongLocks PetalStix in her very beautiful hair. When Laura sent me her photos she said, "Wearing LongLocks HairSticks is like wearing stars in my hair, the crystals constantly changing with the angle of the light and the surrounding colors. They really are beautiful-- and surprisingly practical. With the "stitching" technique, most hair styles are quick to create and require little to no fussing to maintain. Such a welcome change of pace from the standard fare! Thanks, Susan!" Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs and your beautiful hair with us Laura!
Tom shows off his Blue Opal original longlocks hairsticks Tom, one of my several male customers, shows off his very own pair of Original LongLocks HairSticks in an abundance of hair that would make any woman jealous. When Tom bought his Opal Blue sticks he had to make an agreement with his wife to share them! Thank you so much for being the first guy to send us a photo Tom!
Cheryle Joy Corpus shows off her Snow Baby LongLocks ImpressioniStix Hair Sticks Cherlye Joy Corpus honors us once again with a picture of her *gorgeous* hair sporting her "Snow Baby" LongLocks ImpressioniStix hair sticks. When Cheryle sent me this photo she said, "Attached is a picture of me wearing the Snow Baby ImpressioniStix. The flashes of pastel colors aren't too apparent [in the photo], but I've gotten way too many compliments about how well it works with my near blue/black hair to not send you thanks for designing this pair. Thanks again for your wonderful handcrafted hairsticks." Thank you so much for sending us the note and a new photo Cheryle!
Cheryle Joy Corpus shows off her Sterling Sea LongLocks SterlingStix Hair Sticks Cherlye Joy Corpus, one of our very nice repeat customers, shows off her Sterling Sea LongLocks SterlingStix hair sticks. When Cheryle sent me the photograph of her lovely long locks, she said, "I just wanted to share this picture of the Sterling Sea Stix that I was wearing the other day. I've been meaning to send this to you, but I kept forgetting. I love the excellent quality of these sticks and I'm going to be a customer for a long time!" Thank you so much for taking the time to send us the note and your photo Cheryle! I look forward to doing future business with you as you're always a pleasure!
Holly Magill shows off her Moonlit Garden Custom LongLocks BridalStix Hair Sticks Holly Magill, who made an absolutely stunning bride, shows off her custom made Moonlit Garden LongLocks BridalStix hair accessories in her beautiful wedding hair style. When Holly sent me this lovely photograph, she said, "Hi Susan, I hope this finds you doing well. Attached is a picture of me on my wedding day wearing the Moonlit Garden Stix. I wanted to thank you, once again, for working with me to create the perfect hair stix to coordinate with my wedding gown. I have received so many compliments on them. When they arrived in the mail, I was immediately taken by the presentation of the package. And, the sticks were even more beautiful than the pictures portrayed! The stix really helped to add a special touch to my wedding day. I feel that you are truly an innovative artist and look forward to purchasing more of your designs in the future." You are very welcome Holly and thank you so much for sending us your photo! We wish you the very best with your new marriage!
Martha Yates shows off her Lavender Lace LongLocks HairSticks Martha Yates, a treasured LongLocks HairSticks repeat customer, shows off her Lavender Lace Original LongLocks Hairsticks in her bun hairstyle. When Martha received the Lavender Lace hair ornaments she said, "...they are even more beautiful than I thought! Thank you so much." You are welcome Martha and thank you so much for letting us add your photograph to the LongLocks Gallery!
Stacy Daniel shows off her LongLocks HairSticks Stacy Daniel shows off her Conquistador LongLocks GlimmerStix hair pins. When Stacy sent me her photo with the Conquistador sticks in her hair she said, "I LOVE my new sticks. They are the best I have ever had! Thanks so much for offering them to us all!" You are more than welcome Stacy, thank you for sharing your photo!
Susan Maxwell Schmidt with a Harvest Queen ColorComb hair comb in her hair I recently received a Hairagami (with which I have no affiliation) and have been having fun playing around and creating different styles with it (if you have extremely long hair like I do, you may need someone to help you if you want to experiment with one of these fabulous hair accessories). This style is one I especially liked. I stuck my favorite ColorComb in the Harvest Queen design from my own collection in the top of the hair style to create a more formal updo.
Susan Maxwell Schmidt with some of her own favorite hairsticks Karen Shelton of Hair Boutique fame gave me the idea for this photo! The hairsticks that are closest to my head with the clear AB crystals and black spiral sticks are the first pair I ever made. The crystals were my mother's and they remain my favorite pair to this day. My husband took this picture of me, this is one of the few that didn't include his toes ;)

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