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Avenue Leopard Infinity Scarf


Avenue Leopard Infinity Scarf

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Style: Infinity scarf
Condition: Brand new, never worn
Material: 100% polyester
Color: Leopard
Size/Measurements: Approximately 60" x 6"
Original Price: $40.00
Closet Clearing Price: $10.00 (save 75%!)

You may be unaware, but there is an unwritten law that every fashion conscious woman must have at least one leopard item in her wardrobe. Also, leopard is a neutral, it goes with everything (with the possible exception of a different leopard print, please don't go there). This pretty infinity scarf is warm, versatile, and incredibly soft. How soft? You'll wish they made them in body-size, that's how soft. It's brand-new, never been worn, and been sitting in my dressing room bureau drawer, safe from the world. 1 available.

Avenue Leopard Infinity Scarf

$40.00 $10.00
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