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New Review of Kate Spade Readers in Stuff I Scored: Fashion Accessories!

Kate Spade New York Celia ReadersI just reviewed two pair of the most fabulous readers designed by Kate Spade. Check it out in Stuff I Scored: Fashion Accessories!

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Sotheby’s, CEOs, and Union Workers

By BarbaraAnne:

While we worship the art that is sold at auctions, fantasize wearing diamonds in our mind’s vacation, luxury establishments hide another reality: how they treat their workers. Without people to move priceless art from place to place, there… Continue reading

Jadeite and Tourmaline Beads at Sotheby’s

By BarbaraAnne:

Minute details in small pieces of jewelry amaze the mind. “How did they do that?” Conception. Design. Tools. Talent. Imagination. Work. Devotion.

Sotheby’s is having a jewelry sale in Hong Kong, which features jadeite-tourmaline beads and pendants. The… Continue reading

New Review of Amanda Rudey Earrings in Stuff I Scored!

Moonbeam Earrings by Jewelry Designer Amanda RudeyAmanda Rudey designs beautiful jewelry, and I’m especially fond of her earrings. I’ve just reviewed her Moonbeam design in Stuff I Scored: Designer Jewelry.  Check it out!

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New BijouStix Hair Accessories Posted in the LongLocks Catalog!

LongLocks BijojuStix Hair Accessories

Five new LongLocks BijouStix designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, one “last chance” special order design  has been moved to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, and the Special Edition Designs page has been updated!

Today’s Tip: Have… Continue reading

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