New LongLocks SugarStix Hair Sticks Posted!

Precious Gems Special Edition LongLocks SugarStix Hair SticksNew Designs!

Three new SugarStix hair jewelry designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and one last chance special order design has been added to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. The design to the left is Precious Gems and features 65 carats of genuine sapphire, emerald and ruby set in sterling silver findings!

Site Updates!

The Ultimate Guide to Removing Knots from Hair tutorial has been updated. Learn how to remove even a head full of knots without causing damage to your lovely long locks, and even more importantly, how to avoid getting them in the first place!

Fun Web Stuff!

Neustadt on the Bay - Watercolor Photography by Susan Maxwell SchmidtNeustadt on the Bay

Watercolor digitally painted landscape photography
by Susan Maxwell Schmidt

I’ve finally gotten serious about pursuing my life-long fine art aspirations (and it only took me 54 years), and have created a new site from which framed and unframed prints in several formats, greeting cards, and in some cases even throw pillows and phone cases are available printed with my original artwork. I truly hope I can count on my LongLocks fans to continue to support me in this (way, way scary) pursuit! Please be sure to stop by Susan Maxwell Schmidt Fine Art and say hello (please bring wine)!

Today’s Tip

Love a RapunzelStix design but don’t need to use really long sticks? Love a different LongLocks design but have so much hair you need to have your hair sticks the RapunzelStix length? We can almost always change from one to the other as a special order design, please feel free to ask! The same is also usually true if you would like to change finding colors from gold to silver or vice versa!

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