New PearliStix Added to the LongLocks HairSticks Catalog!

Hidden Beauty LongLocks PearliStix Hair SticksNew Designs!

Three new PearliStix designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and two “Last Chance” designs have been added to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. The design to the left is called “Hidden Beauty” and the focal beads are actually real miniature geodes filled with sparkling drusy!

 Special Orders for the Holidays

If you are planning to give a gift of a LongLocks design for the holidays this year, now is the time to consider your design and place your order. Holiday time is always absolutely nuts around these parts and after September it gets harder to guarantee holiday delivery!


PayPal should be working again, and the payment option is once again available. If you have any issues at all with it please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

 Fun Web Stuff!

Lorna Evans, a hairstylist in Australia, is doing some awesome avant garde updos, and there is a video showing her work at the bottom of this page. Love the blonde third in, and the braid wrapped bun around 1:35! Keep watching until the end to see some beautiful but more subdued formal styles.

 Today’s Tip

 Check out The Ultimate Guide to Removing Knots to learn how to safely remove even the worst knots from your hair, and how to avoid them in the first place!

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