Updated: The Ultimate Guide to Safely Removing Knots from Hair

An al Fresco Toilet by Samuel Luke FildesOur haircare tutorial “The Ultimate Guide to Safely Removing Knots from Hair” has been updated! Check it out to learn how to do this unpleasant task as easily as possible while doing as little damage as possible.

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Embracing Your Gray Hair: Learning to Love Silver Tresses

The Beauty of Going Gray

I have long been an advocate of gray hair, especially long gray hair. I think it is beautiful as a rule, and often times can even qualify as quite stunning. Whenever I see a woman… Continue reading

Got Long Hair? Don’t Cut it Short, Fake it!

I just came across this awesome instructional video about how to fake a really trendy short hair look with an updo. No need to pull a Beyonce and then find yourself still stuck with a horrible pixie cut a week… Continue reading

The LongLocks Hair Jewelry Color Chart has Been Updated!

Perdita by Anthony Frederick SandysColor Chart Update!

I’ve just updated the LongLocks Hair Jewelry Color Chart! I’ve added some of the newer Swarovski Crystal colors and best of all, the color categories are now linked directly to a site search for all the… Continue reading

Just in Time for Halloween, Our Special Effects Haircolor Tutorial is Updated!

Creating Special Effects Using Dramatic HaircolorLooking for a temporary way to rock a wild haircolor for ¬†Halloween? Want to try a daring color before taking a permanent plunge? Ready to do the dirty deed and follow in Helen Mirren’s footsteps and replace that encroaching grey… Continue reading

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