New BijouStix Designs Added to the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique Catalog!

Cassis Soecial Edition LongLocks BijouStix Hair SticksNew Designs!

Three new BijouStix designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and three “Last Chance” designs have been added to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. The beautiful art glass design to the left is called “Cassis” and it is the only pair I have, I can do no special order versions of this design!

The Studio Organization Continues!

As I continue to tidy up the studio and in my quest for more space to make that easier, I will be posting some designs going forward that have one or no special orders available. This will help me empty out some bead drawers so I can put more stuff away. I will make every effort to warn you when this is the case (as in the Cassis design above), and will try hard to update the pages of these designs immediately to avoid any disappointment. Just please remember if you like a design, grab it quick… unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you a second chance in most cases.

Fun Web Stuff!

Fortunately long locks have continued to be the trend at both New York and London Fashion Week this season. Check out Fashion & Style to see what’s hot in hair on the catwalk.

Today’s Tip

Check out the LongLocks HairStyle Gallery for great style ideas and instructions for using hair sticks!

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