Red Carpet

Eternal Beauty: Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo

By BarbaraAnne:

In the center of your body,
Energy radiates.
You feel it after aerobic exhaustion —
When you sing, dance, paint,
Write, or love a man.
The world can destroy you;
But only you can destroy your soul.
When… Continue reading

Grace Kelly and Edith Head

By BarbaraAnne:

“Jeff: The Lisa Freemont who never wears the same dress twice?
Lisa: Only because it’s expected of her.
(She does a model’s turn.)
Lisa: Right off the Paris plane, think it will sell?”

As the most copied dress… Continue reading

Helen Mirren Wears Marchesa

By BarbaraAnne:

In the grace with which her shoulders give ballet to the slightest movement of her head, her diamond earrings look unacquired. What meaning would they have without her? Radiance emanates from the nonchalant familiarity with the world’s recognition… Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor: The Woman and Her Jewels

By BarbaraAnne:

First, she was a young girl with violet eyes, so slumbrous your mind melted into them. In 1943, she played Priscilla in Lassie Come Home, was unforgettable as Helen Burns in Jane Eyre, and gained stardom… Continue reading

2011 Oscars: Red Carpet Favorites

By BarbaraAnne

I live for red carpets. Well, maybe for the people wearing the haute couture gowns who walk on them. Yes, I do care about some of the Oscar winners, but I’m generally on the losing side of my… Continue reading

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