This is HUGE… And I Do Mean HUGE!!

Fifteen years!! FIFTEEN!!! Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. Fifteen years, just shy of ELEVEN THOUSAND entirely unique LongLocks HairSticks designs, and still going! Nope. Do. Not. Believe.

Pink Diamond Special Edition LongLocks BijouStix Hair Sticks Why yes, of course we’re going to celebrate! And we’re gonna celebrate BIG, too.

  • Sale! Save 15% on every eligible purchase (everything other than boutique gift certificates or LockAway Layaway orders) at the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique for the REST OF THE MONTH! Yes, this includes Waltzing Willow Jewelry AND everything in Susan’s Closet (including a certain genuine fox-trimmed cape). There are even lots (well, my idea of lots) of first edition designs available for immediate shipping, perfect for holiday season giving!
  • All orders over $125 ship FREE domestically and international orders get a $5 shipping discount! (This won’t appear in the cart but the discount will be taken during processing)
  • Collectors Club members earn TRIPLE CREDIT toward their free gift certificates! This means if you buy just TWO hair stick designs, you earn a FREE Club gift certificate and are already on your way to earning another! Whoa!

What’s that you say? You’re not a Collectors Club member yet? Well, you should be, it’s FREE to join, you get all kinds of goodies and discounts, but best of all…

  • EVERY DAY for the remaining of November I am going to randomly pull a Collectors Club member’s name out of a hat and give away a $15 LongLocks Boutique gift certificate! Yup, a winner every day!
  • On Sunday, November 30, one lucky member of the Collectors Club will win their choice of any LongLocks HairSticks design in the boutique! YAYAYAY!!! The winners will be announced daily on the LongLocks Facebook page and via email (so expect more email from me than usual this week… and read it, you might be a winner, if I have to poke you I might take it back!)

So how ‘bout dem apples? Do I know how to ANNI PAR TAY or what??

Collectors Club Members: Enter your Collectors Club ID in the “Collectors Club ID or Coupon” field and click “Apply” to get your special sale discount. And don’t forget if your ID isn’t handy, all you have to do is mention you are a Collector in the Feedback field and we’ll be happy to look it up for you.

Everybody Else: Enter coupon code: 15YEARS in the “Collectors Club ID or Coupon” field in the shopping cart, then click “Apply” to get your special sale discount. But really, you want to click that link a few paragraphs back instead and become a Collector so you can be in on ALL the fun!


Happy 15th Anniversary everyone! This is SO excitin’!

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