Important Information Regarding Internet Explorer Security Flaw

I am sure that most of you know that there has been a dangerous security flaw discovered in all the recent versions (starting at 6.0) in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that can surrender control of your computer entirely to a hacker.… Continue reading

Human Hair Theft Arrives in Canada

I posted an alarming story recently regarding theft of hair for extensions from salons, and the stories that were beginning to make news of hair being stolen right from women’s heads in Latin America. Well, unfortunately these terrifying assaults are… Continue reading

The Brazilian Blowout Takes Another Victim: Jennifer Aniston

The Brazilian Blowout, a torturous hair treatment designed to make hair straight for a few months at a go, has taken another victim and I really feel for this one because she is known to love her locks long. Apparently… Continue reading

Put Your Hands Up and Give Me All Your… Hair?

The Growing Trend: Hair Extension Theft

Happily long hair, especially by way of cheating extensions, is a popular trend and has been for quite a while now. Not so happily, theft of hair extensions is also becoming a popular trend.… Continue reading

The Havoc Hair Dye Wreaks

A Lovely Redhead is depicted in Spring Flowers by Sir Laurence Alma-TademaThe Permanent Damage of Hair Dye

I’ve been screaming for years about what horrible damage hair dye does to your hair and scalp. Today Huffington Post posted an interview with two experts, cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson and Elizabeth Cuannane Phillips, CEO… Continue reading

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