New PearliStix Designs Added to the LongLocks Hair Jewelry Catalog!

Pearled Autumn LongLocks PearliStix Hair JewelryNew Designs!

Four new PearliStix designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and two “Last Chance” special order designs have been added to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

New Books!

A few new books have been added to the curated Historical Hairstyles and Art Library.

Salon Search Fixed!

Although the LongLocks Salon forum has been closed to new posts for some time now,  there are still tens of thousands of posts available there for your hair care reading pleasure! Unfortunately, unbeknownst to be me, the search was not working properly. It’s all fixed now, so feel free to search away for updos and all kinds of useful hair care tips!

Wanna See What Art Glass Looks Like Reeeal Close Up?

I’m really into macro (close-up) photography and  some time ago realized I was sitting on a huge cache of the most interesting subject of all… art glass! So, if you’ve ever wondered what dichroic glass looks like magnified a whole bunch o’ times (hint: it’s friggin’ gorgeous),  you might want to check out (and keep an eye on) The Art Glass Project gallery on Susan Maxwell Schmidt Photography.  There aren’t a whole lot of photos in the gallery yet because my time to work on this stuff is very limited (for obvious reasons… I work on photos in bed on my iPad before I sleep like other people actually read!), there will eventually be lots more coming down the road.  Maybe you’ll even recognize one of your own beads among  my fine art photos!

Today’s Tip: Want to learn how to safely curl your lovely long locks without the potential damage of heated rollers or curling irons? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Safely Curling Long Hair!

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