New RomanzaStix Designs Posted in the LongLocks Hair Jewelry Catalog!

One-of-a-Kind Blue Grass Special Edition LongLocks RomanzaStix

New Designs!

Four new RomanzaStix hair jewelry designs have been posted in the LongLocks HairSticks catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and two “last chance” special order designs have been moved to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! The design that appears at left is the Blue Grass Special Edition RomanzStix design and was created with genuine blue grass jade gemstones, Swarovski crystal rhinestones and sterling silver.

Oooh, Spooky Rapunzel!

I thought you guys might get a kick out of one of the surreal self-portraits I posted last month, The Tower, which actu­ally earned me a spot in my fourth Mobile Photography and Imagery Flickr Show­case!  So why do I think you guys in particular might get a kick? I’m a dark and haunting Rapunzel locked away in her tower, LOL! You can see it here or a larger version in my Flickr Photostream.

Today’s Tip

Don’t believe Grandma, she was sooooo wrong on this one!  Giving your hair a hundred strokes a day won’t do much more than cause damage! Brush hair as rarely as you can and use a wide-toothed comb whenever possible to minimize damage to those lovely locks! By all means keep it free of knots however, which are almost certain to cause some breakage.

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