An Urgent Notice to Collectors Club Gmail Subscribers!

Gmail is still making my Collectors Club Members‘ and my life miserable. I am in the process of alerting everyone I can that a new address is needed if you joined the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club using a gmail address. I’m sorry this is such a hassle but Google leaves me no choice. I plan to personally call every active gmail-subscribed member I don’t hear from them within the next couple days, whom I am relatively certain wants to stay a member. If you have my direct email address, please send me the new address you’d like to use for all LongLocks correspondence, or you may send it to me using our contact form. Also, please make sure you remove any LongLocks mail from your gmail spam folder, since it has come to my attention that gmail is putting it there even though you didn’t tell it to. I suspect leaving it there may add to the problem.
Please, if you subscribe to anything on the internet and decide you don’t want it anymore, just unsubscribe. If you decide to erroneously mark it spam just so it won’t show up in your mailbox, you may cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people without even realizing it. This is unfair and especially hard on small businesses (and even more so on tiny ones, like mine!)  Remember, if you subscribed to it, it is NOT spam… ever.
Thanks to everyone helping me investigate this, you rock! What a bunch of *B.S.*, huh? LOL!
Also, it’s winner announcement day for the LongLocks HairSticks Facebook page photo contest! Come watch as I announce the winner at 8pm EDT!
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