Got Long Hair? Don’t Cut it Short, Fake it!

I just came across this awesome instructional video about how to fake a really trendy short hair look with an updo. No need to pull a Beyonce and then find yourself still stuck with a horrible pixie cut a week later when Miss B. has already seen the error of her ways and had her extensions returned to her head, LOL!

Hat’s off (yes, of course pun intended) to Megalizabeth9 for a fabulous video and hairstyle, she obviously put a ton of work into this. I am tremendously impressed with both!

Products used in the video:

KMS Hair Play

Bobby Pins

Paddle Brush (I *think* she may be using an oval brush, but I’d still suggest a paddle for smoothing)

Aquage Thickening Spraygel

Hair Claw

Rat Tail Comb

Unfortunately, Megalizabeth9 doesn’t share with us which hairspray she’s using, but I suspect it’s Alterna Caviar Extra Hold Hair Spray. Regardless, any good extra hold one will do!

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