The Havoc Hair Dye Wreaks

A Lovely Redhead is depicted in Spring Flowers by Sir Laurence Alma-TademaThe Permanent Damage of Hair Dye

I’ve been screaming for years about what horrible damage hair dye does to your hair and scalp. Today Huffington Post posted an interview with two experts, cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson and Elizabeth Cuannane Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Cosmetic Development and a trichological expert for Philip Kingsley respectively, asking them this very same question. Maybe now you’ll believe me (even if it’s only because these two ladies have the coolest names ever).

From cuticle-lifting ammonia to color-destroying peroxide, it’s all laid out for you there in glaring, horrifying detail.

And remember, damaged hair gets worse and the only way to fix it and stop the damage is to CUT IT OFF.

Read the full article at HuffPo here. Then go read The Ultimate Guide to Growing Long Hair and learn to love the hair you have (especially if it’s grey, which I happen to think is just gorgeous!)

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