OK, I am DYIN’ here! :’D


Regretsy.  Where bad Etsy crafters go to die.

Be forewarned… if it’s on Etsy and is offensive, ugly or smutty, Regretsy *will* find it and possibly make it even worse.  Love that!

I wonder if Helen Thomas has been clued in on this yet :x

No, seriously… this might be almost as insanely funny as Cake Wrecks.

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2 Responses to OK, I am DYIN’ here! :’D

  • Ennacrone says:

    Having been a professional cake decorator, including having my own custom cake business, since 1987, I can identify with CakeWrecks – some customers want some very unusual things. However, Regretsy is absolutely awsome – hilarious!

  • SMS says:

    It is awesome, ain’t it? It is now my “daily kickoff site” with my coffee before I hit da igoogle. At least that way I know I laughed at least once today.

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