Mr. Rebates Gives You FREE Stuff! And I do LOVE the FREE Stuff!

You guyz are sooooooo gonna LOVE me for this one!

I’ve been singing this site’s glories to just about everyone I know for years and it just occurred to me that I never posted about it on Style & Angst.  Majorly remiss!  Well now, I shall have to make that right at once.

My all-time favorite site (barring LongLocks, of course… duh) is Mr. Rebates. Know why?  Because they give you FREE money!  No come back… really, I SWEAR!  If they don’t, may I never touch another Swarovski crystal again.  If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

All you do is sign up (did I mention it’s free?) and then click through the links on the Mr. Rebates site to get to your destination shopping website (which is practically any site in the world, you won’t believe how many there are) and then when you shop you automatically get whatever percentage rebate they have listed for that site.  It’s just like getting rebates in a brick and mortar store only a ton less work (though it does take about as long).  And they have a zillion of associated sites including (but certainly not limited to) Bloomies, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Bluefly, Sephora, Yves Saint Laurent, The Body Shop, Ulta, Lord & Taylor,, Coldwater Creek, DKNY, Kohl’s,, Gap, eBay, and a whole BUNCH of shoe stores (which, as we know, feed my own personal addiction).  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a site that isn’t available!  What’s even better is that when you click through to the site Mr. Rebates also opens up a window to show you any current discounts and promotional codes listed for the site, too.  Can you imagine?  Coupons AND a rebate?  Did I not tell you this site is phenomenal??  Don’t trust what Mr. Rebates displays to be all available coupons though, I do a Google search too to make sure they have all and the best ones listed.  Afterall, I am the Goddess of Free Stuff ;)

I’m telllin’ ya, when I redesigned my master bath I got enough in rebates from Home Depot, and Home Decorators to pay someone *else* to do all the labor for the guest bath.  Not kidding!

Try it, I promise you’ll love it!  Just click the Mr. Rebates banner below and sign up, that’s all there is to it.  Well, that and actually remembering to go to it the first few times you shop after signing up, that is really the only hard part.  After that, I promise you’ll love it so much it will become second nature to go there every time you shop on the web!

Mr. Rebates

Oh, and a very useful hint!  If you forget to go to Mr. Rebates before you shop and you have a shopping cart sitting full somewhere, just go to Mr. Rebates in a new tab, click the link to the site you’re shopping on, go to your shopping cart in the new tab, and then close the original tab.  You’ll get the rebate!  Yes, I am da masta!

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