New MonetStix Hair Jewelry Designs Posted at LongLocks!

LongLocks MonetStix Hair Jewelry

Four new first edition LongLocks MonetStix hair jewelry designs have been posted, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and one “Last Chance” special order design has been posted in Hair Today, Gone Tomor­row.

Have you seen everything the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique has to offer?  I bet not!  Check out the new redesign of our Site Map and explore everything you’ve missed. It’s so much prettier than the original site map, let us  know what you think!

Today’s Tip: Did you know that if you find your scalp flaking and itching that it may NOT be dandruff?  It could be nothing more than silicone buildup. Because almost all hair care products these days contain silicone and the stuff is almost impossible to wash out of your hair, it’s also impossible to avoid buildup. Try clarify­ing your hair and then refraining from using silicone-containing products for a few weeks. Once you resume, remember to clarify regularly! You’ll find a good recipe for a cider vinegar clarifying rinse in our Hair Care Recipes Cookbook.

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