Handbags, Valentino and the Most Wonderful Husband in the World

*This* is the most gorgeous handbag in the world.  Period.

Valentino Rosette Bag in Pink

It is a Valentino leather and silk Rosette bag and is available today only at Beyond the Rack for a mere $1360.

*This* is the most wonderful husband in the world.  Period.

The Most Wonderful Husband in the World

My Sweetie understands, and even enjoys to some extent, my addiction to designer accessories but generally he is not inclined to encourage it. He never says “buy it.”  OK, he rarely says “buy it.”  Don’t get me wrong, I do buy them, I’m just saying rarely does he encourage it ;)

Today when we saw this at BTR, he knew by my reaction (something akin to hysterical hyperventilation) that this bag was something I’d number among my most favorite treasures.  And then he did it… he actually said, “Buy it.”

As hard as it is to resist, I am not going to because it’s just too much money for a handbag I would be more inclined to keep in a glass display case than use.  Regardless, he said it and he meant it, and ya gotta admit that’s pretty damn wunnerful.

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2 Responses to Handbags, Valentino and the Most Wonderful Husband in the World

  • barbaraanne says:

    The fabric roses are Valentino’s idea, which he premiered in an haute couture collection of dresses. Look at this handbag! And it’s by the man who thought of the idea! Will you wear it? Where will you wear it? I have so many questions about this handbag, I’m getting OCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • SMS says:

    Did you READ the post Barbara? :P

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