The Ultimate Long Hair Lover’s Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Guide!

If you have a long hair lover in your life, we have the perfect list of stocking stuffer goodies that are sure to make them smile come Christmas morning. While they may not all actually fit in a stocking, everything listed below is under $50, highly rated and best of all, available from Amazon (and if you spend $25 at Amazon, most items even ship free!)

Extra Large Aquis Microfiber Towel

We long-haired gurls have a LOT of hair to dry and our long locks hold a LOT of water. These microfiber towels are a dream come true. They absorb a tremendous amount of water very quickly and cut a typically really long drying time dramatically. Best of all, these are the really hard-to-find large towels, big enough for even very long tresses!

7X Magnification Wall Mount Mirror

If your long hair lover loves updos or braids, one of these mirrors is an indispensable tool for seeing the back and sides of your head when mounted opposite another mirror. They’ll wonder how they ever lived without it.

Mebco Shower Detangler

This is the greatest comb ever made, I own several of them. Though I’ve tried many tens of different wide-toothed combs, made of many different materials with many different finishes at many different price points, this is the only comb I’ve consistently used on my hair for more than a decade. Even my hubby, who has hair almost as long as mine (if you uncoil his tightly curled ponytail), insists on using only this comb (and he moves them, which is why I have to own several).

Spornette DeVille 1005 Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

If your long-haired loved one has straight hair, this is their perfect brush. Made entirely of hair-nurturing boar bristle (so much more hair-safe than anything with sharp nylon bristles) and the perfect straight-hair paddle style, which can be one of the harder to find boar bristle brush styles. If your intended gift recipient has curly hair or hair so thick that boar bristles won’t penetrate, all is not lost! Try the next best thing, a Bass oval wood bristle brush.

Feather Hair Extensions

These are hot, hot, HOT! Celebrities, musicians, models… everyone is wearing feather hair extensions. Keep your long haired love on trend with the latest in extremely affordable hair style statements.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

This stuff is taking the world by storm and has a huge league of shampoo converts. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is made for all hair types and textures and has the added benefit of a divine scent. If your lengthy-tressed gift recipient has been wanting to try the renowned conidtioner-only wash, this is the first place to go.

Bendy Curls Hair Rollers

If your long-locked one is obsessive about refraining from using anything damaging on their lovely tresses, they’ll love these hair-safe curlers! Quick and easy to use, they are soft enough to sleep on. Best of all, no hair-destroying heat nor hair fraying spikes or velcro!

Zebrawood Hair Fork

If your intended gift recipient is more a “jeans and flats” kind of gurl rather than a “black leggings and Dolce & Gabbana boots” kinda of gurl, a hand carved wood hair fork should be right up her alley. Simple, beautiful and casual enough for every day!

L. Erickson Willow Comb

OK, so she is more the “black leggings/D & G” type? This should make her very happy! Nothing would be more striking than this unbelievably luscious (the prettiest on all of Amazon, IMO) pearl and rhinestone L. Erickson comb curling around her beautiful, sleek bun. It’s even adjustable so she can customize it at her whim! Absolutely gorg.

Summer's Blush LongLocks HairSticksLongLocks HairSticks Boutique Gift Certificate

Ah, so she falls somewhere in between or you have no idea how to classify her personal style? Easiest gift of all, give her a LongLocks HairSticks Boutique gift certificate and let her choose her own one-of-a-kind hand crafted hair accessories! You can’t go wrong!

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