New GlitterStix Hair Ornaments Added to the LongLocks Catalog!

Apple Blossom Special Edition LongLocks GlitterStixNew GlitterStix Designs

Four  new LongLocks GlitterStix designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, two “last chance” special order designs have been posted in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,  and the Special Edition Designs page has been updated!

For Your Listening Pleasure

I have a special treat for you as you peruse the LongLocks Boutique!  I have added the PRX Radio stream to the bottom of all the articles and individual design descriptions.  If you want to listen while you surf, simply scroll to the bottom of any of those pages and click the Play button (you’ll have to keep the window open to continue the stream).  I also added a permanent link to the player on the What’s New page right below the search box at the top, so you can easily start the player in a new browser window anytime you like. In my opinion, Public Radio Remix is the best programming on all of radio, it is the soundtrack that plays in my studio 24 hours a day.  I am not affiliated with PRX in any way, just a HUGE fan. Check it out, bet you love it too!

LongLocks on Pinterest

Don’t forget LongLocks is now on Pinterest!  Follow me for all the best in art and style and gorgeous long locks!  If you haven’t been invited to join yet and you’d like an invitation, just drop me a note using our Contact form and I’ll be happy to hook you up. I’m also slowly adding “Pin It” buttons to the pages of the boutique, so you can pin your favorite designs and articles to your Pinterest stream!

RIP DuetStix, IndividualiStix and SterlingStix

The DuetStix, IndividualiStix and SterlingStix styles have been officially retired and whatever few are left can be found in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Today’s Tip: did you know that LongLocks IndividualiStix are often used as shawl pins by fiber artists who make beautiful hand knit wraps?  Share one with your favorite stylish knitter!  You’ll still find several on the Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow page, and there are often single sticks available on the individual style pages in the catalog as well.

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