New GlimmerStix Hair Accessories Posted in the LongLocks Catalog!

Charmed Aubergine LongLocks GlimmerStix Hair AccessoriesNew Designs!

Five new GlimmerStix hair stick designs have been posted in the LongLocks catalog, the Special Edi­tion Designs and Beads & Findings Glossary pages have been updated, and two “last chance” special order designs have been moved to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! And as you can see, you guys can now stop asking me when I am going to do another charm design, you have your answer! ;)

Having a Bad Hair Day?

Hair Schtick: The Best of Bad Hair Humor for Bad Hair Days has been updated with a few new funnies and been reformatted a bit for your reading pleas­ure!

Are You Diggin’ It?

If you’re a Digg fan, you will be happy to note that a Digg button to allow you to easily Digg your favor­ite LongLocks articles and hair jewelry designs is appearing at the top of the pages in the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique. Watch for it to propagate throughout the site in the coming days!

Art Takes Paris!

I am currently competing for a chance to have my “other” art (of a visual nature in the form of photography and digital art) shown in Paris!  If you’d be so fabulous as to drop by, take a look at the pieces I have submitted for my entry and hopefully think I’m worthy of a vote, I would be eternally grateful! Incen­tive: the more famous you guys make me, the more all those hair sticks you own will be worth someday, LOL!

Going Away

Don’t forget that the FoilStix style will be retired shortly, grab ‘em now if you want a pair! Please feel free to ask me to check the archive in the event you would like a special order design iin a specific color.  You can always check the Design Gallery or Collectors Gallery to see several of the thousands of designs currently in the ar­chive and if I am still able to  create your own version of anything you find there, I would be happy to do that for you!

Fun Web Stuff

This week’s fun web stuff takes us  to the Laughing Squid to see the absolute most awesome beading project EVA!  Suddenly beading my car doesn’t seem as far fetched an idea as it did before :x

Today’s Tip

Did you know we have an RSS feed?  If you’ve found a good replacement for Google Reader and are still a fan of RSS, sign up for our “What’s New at LongLocks” feed and always know what’s happening a LongLocks!

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