New HoloStix Hair Sticks Posted in the LongLocks Boutique Catalog!

New LongLocks HoloStix Designs Have Been Posted in the Catalog!New Designs!

Three new HoloStix designs have been posted in the LongLocks Catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, and one “last chance” special order design has been moved to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. I also updated the Beads, Gems and Precious Metal Findings Glossary again, apparently I somehow missed moonstone when I posted the set of SwingStix!

More New Stuff!

I have gotten many more pages updated to the new site design, and it seems it’s pretty popular! I’m so glad, it’s so stressful making changes like this. Peeps are especially liking the “Currently Trending” image links that are appearing at the bottom of updated pages, make sure you scroll all the way down so you can check them out and let me know what you think! I’ve made one giant step toward adding more stuff to Susan’s Designer Closet, every one of those pages has now been updated so it’s ready for me to start writing new descriptions, and I’ve started pulling stuff from my shelves that I am willing to part with, however reluctantly. I’m thinkin’ within a week or so new stuff will start appearing!

Fun Web Stuff!

I still haven’t done a single fun thing on the web since starting the update, so I dug  through my bookmarks again.  This time I’m sending you to Open Culture again, to their treasure trove of free movies you can watch online… 575 of them! There are some really great classics listed, check it out!

Today’s Tip

Did you know you could view all the LongLocks HairSticks designs currently in the catalog on one page? Use the LongLocks QuickView Catalog!

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