Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

By BarbaraAnne:

He had no fear.

How many of us give up our dreams to change the world so society won’t think us mad? Is it better to have lost everything following a dream, than having been afraid to try?… Continue reading

Sotheby’s, CEOs, and Union Workers

By BarbaraAnne:

While we worship the art that is sold at auctions, fantasize wearing diamonds in our mind’s vacation, luxury establishments hide another reality: how they treat their workers. Without people to move priceless art from place to place, there… Continue reading

Jadeite and Tourmaline Beads at Sotheby’s

By BarbaraAnne:

Minute details in small pieces of jewelry amaze the mind. “How did they do that?” Conception. Design. Tools. Talent. Imagination. Work. Devotion.

Sotheby’s is having a jewelry sale in Hong Kong, which features jadeite-tourmaline beads and pendants. The… Continue reading

Medieval Makeup

By BarbaraAnne:

Italy brought the art of cosmetics to France.

In 1190, King Philippe-Auguste created rules delegating certain colors of clothing and makeup only to upper-class women. A cosmetic maker followed the king’s decree to get his license. Makeup’s aim… Continue reading

Isabel Allende: Of Love and Shadows

By BarbaraAnne: Sometimes, you just need to curl up with a good book. I recommend “Of Love and Shadows,” by Chilean writer Isabel Allende.

She is the niece of Salvatore Allende, who was overthrown in a violent coup by Pinochet… Continue reading

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