Red Carpet

La Belle Romaine

Modigliani: La Belle Romaine

He lived only 35 years and died in Paris of tubercular meningitis in July of 1920, but Amedeo Modigliani’s art lives on. Surrounded by French Impressionist landscapes, he had another vision: painting everyday women, nude, against a plain studio background.… Continue reading

Dressing Well and Feeling Damn Good About It!

Wrought with angst about shopping for designer goodies when there’s a recession going on?  There’s a solution, ya know.  Mosey on over to any of the several fashionista charity auctions and do something good for yourself and society.  Sleeping soundly… Continue reading

2009 Emmy Awards: Who Rocked the Carpet and Who… Not so Much

I need to start this post with a disclaimer.  My life is spent entirely in the LongLocks studio or working on something LongLocks-related at any of the numerous computers scattered about the house (there is no escape).  I turn on a TV mebbe once… Continue reading

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