New DragonStix Hair Accessories Posted to the LongLocks Catalog!

Prism Dragon LongLocks DragonStix Hair AccessoriesNew Designs!

Three new DragonStix designs have been posted in the catalog, the Special Edition Designs page has been updated, one “last chance” special order design has been moved to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, and the Beads, Gems and Precious Metals Glossary page has been updated.

Continuing Trouble in LongLocks City!

We are still having a problem with gmail, and because that’s the case, we’ve come to the hard decision that we have to remove all gmail addresses from the Collectors Club. This was the last update I’m sending through to gmail in hopes of a small chance the remaining gmail users who haven’t already sent me an alternate address will see it. What it unfortunately comes down to is that if you want to remain a member of the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club, I *have* to have a non gmail address, and I need it ASAP so I can update your membership before I delete all gmail accounts, which will happen before my next update. If you’re looking for suggestions about how to handle this, so far those who didn’t have an alternate address at the ready have just opted to have the Collectors Club email go to their phone, or set up another email account from which they can auto forward it to wherever they want it to go (you should even be able to forward it to gmail, from a Yahoo address, for instance).

Also… I hate you Google. “Don’t be evil” my ASS.

More New Stuff!

I’m still in the midst of my frantic boutique update, and things are continuing to move along at a snail’s pace (unless you’ve ever done this, you’d be astounded at the amount of work this is… tedious, boring, mind-numbing, I-could-not-hate-this-more-than-I-do-why-do-you-think-I-gave-up-being-a-geek work). Though I am still working through the main pages on the site, the major design update to this blog will be happening very soon. And yes, adding more stuff to Susan’s Designer Closet is still on my list, too. The final revisions to the menu are done, and it’s propagating throughout the site again. My buddy who mourned the loss of easy access to the QuickView Catalog is gonna be really happy to see “her” menu choice back (I’m looking at you M.S., LOL!)  Anyone looking for it will find it under the “Design Collections” submenu under Shop Hair Jewelry. Everything else should be pretty explanatory, though I did want to note that What’s New is now located under Communiqué on the pages that are already sporting the new menu.  Other than the new menu and page design you’ll notice all kinds of cool social sharing and following features showing up across the boutique (and these new DragonStix are the first designs to get the new treatment, please let me know what you think!)

Fun Web Stuff!

I haven’t done a single fun thing on the web since starting the update, so I actually had to dig through my bookmarks… and look what I found!  A collection of fabulous photographs at Time that Andy Warhol took back in the days of bell bottoms and general Studio 54 debauchery! Depending on your age, you’ll either relive your childhood or come to a better understanding of just why your parents are as whacky as they are!

Today’s Tip

Want to give your hair an extra deep conditioning treatment?  Shower at night and use your favorite deep conditioner, but don’t rinse it out.  Tuck your hair into a plastic shower cap and sleep in it.  In the morning, rinse and enjoy luxuriously conditioned locks!

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