Human Hair Theft Arrives in Canada

I posted an alarming story recently regarding theft of hair for extensions from salons, and the stories that were beginning to make news of hair being stolen right from women’s heads in Latin America. Well, unfortunately these terrifying assaults are now happening in Canada. I expect this is going to become more prevalent going forward, and apparently we straight-haired Rapunzels have the most to worry about. Thieves are even forcing women at gunpoint to gather their hair into a ponytail to make the crime easier.

You can read more about the Canadian assault in MetroNews.

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4 Responses to Human Hair Theft Arrives in Canada

  • ANNE says:

    Oh my goddess! I cannot imagine how she must have felt.

    • sms says:

      I know, right? This whole thing is freaking me out, like the war on women isn’t already bad enough. I just don’t get how peeps treat each other. It’s like there is no longer any sense of empathy among the human race, it’s all about “me me me” and to hell with “you” ALL the friggin’ time.

  • Lee D. says:

    I first heard about the Venezuelan hair robberies, and I knew it was only a matter of time before people in other countries got the same idea… :s
    Hopefully, this type of crime remains mostly, if not completely, non-violent. A person’s life and well-being is more sacred than hair itself (although I’ve invested a lot of care to grow my hair to waist-length so far..)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if criminals stole hair extensions off someone’s head, moreso if they were made from real hair. That would be just crazy. Stealing hair extensions to sell to other people who want extensions… Criminals might even steal from and sell the hair back to the same person, if it becomes truly rampant enough.

    The Canadian woman’s hair wasn’t even extremely long; she said in a video on another site that it was halfway down her back, 12 inches cut off and now she has a pixie cut.. Must we start wearing our hair up in long or short wigs when we go out in public, just in case? Surely there will be many people wearing theirs inside their coat this winter.. A bun seems like a less tempting option as well, or a “fake bob” hairstyle! It can always be taken out and worn loose inside the building.

    I wonder if trustworthy businesses some kind of certified cruelty-free sticker on hair extensions not acquired through crime, just like avoiding conflict/blood diamonds.

    I believe one thing that can reduce, if not eliminate, these crimes is if an extremely effective hair growth pill or serum is invented. For the time being, immediate gratification rules many people’s actions.

    • sms says:

      Wow, I think the cruelty-free certification idea is awesome! Whoever thought that “cruelty-free” would be needed in reference to human cruelty? It’s sad, isn’t it?

      I’d fight for my hair, I don’t care what’s being pointed at me. I know it’s not the brightest idea but I also know my disposition and ain’t nobody getting my hair without an all-out eye-gouging fight.

      I have a better idea than waiting around for a hair growth pill… peeps just need to stop cutting their hair every time their favorite celebrity does. I’m sure I’m in a position to hear opinions more likely to be leaning in the pro long hair direction, but *rarely* do I get mail from someone thrilled she cut her hair. I do get an awful lot of mail from women in tears because they did and it turned out not to be such a great idea after the fact.

      Next week the celebrity will have a full head of brand new extensions, and the newly shorn will be trying to afford ones made from the hair stolen from one of her sisters whose only crimes were the ability to grow long hair and walking down the street. :::sigh:::

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